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Technology: Now and Soon

Updated on December 2, 2011

What Was Once Magic is Now Science

Flying cars, instant food from a pill, space colonization. These are some of the things that seem unbelievable but will it be like that 20 years from now?

During darker days people were unsanitary, this caused illness and suffering in many forms. Due to proper hygiene control we can minimize infections and disease simply by cleaning ourselves. Probably one of the greatest inventions since the wheel has been antiseptics. Toilets man! TOILETS! In this day and age could you function in society without a toilet? We'd still be digging a pit to take a sh... well you get the idea. Outhouses are already unpleasant enough as it is. Public bathrooms are maybe just as unpleasant. The comfort of having a place to do our "business" within our own homes has got to be one of the most unrecognized splendors of our modern day life. Now I'm not saying the system is perfect, there is still a lot of things going on in the plumbing after we've flushed. It's a system we've become reliant on but it's not something that'll last. Waste is waste afterall. Where the heck does it go? That's not something I'd like to get into, as most will blissfully continue living without even considering the cause of their "effects" (GREAT PUN)

Faster Than Thought

Let me throw a number out there, 1985. That's when Microsoft began its war with Apple which had produced its own GUI system the year prior. It's now almost 2012. Within that time the astounding rate at which technology has expanded is boggling, because of computers. Within the last 200 years is still fairly impressive, all of the serious thinkers which were developing the theories which we found current study on had been done, so we had a basis to improve and expand. Astronomy and gravity, quantum physics, these subjects have pivotal characters that shaped the direction of the study. What I'm getting at is that I believe technology is funneling, like an upside down pyramid. All of the pieces on the outer layer have been discovered and are being pulled in and refined to create even better, more convenient tools to help mankind survive.

So what's next? Force fields? Teleportation? Something with plasma..? (cause that'd be really cool)

Technology has built momentum. It has started to slow down in recent years due to *INSERT CONSPIRACY HERE* but there is really no easy way of finding out. It's exciting to me to find out what will be next? It's even more exciting to think, what will be the next pivotal thing and who will discover it? The answers are simple, I believe anyway, they are right under our noses and the big foreheads up top are just thinking too much.

So tell me. What do YOU think will come out next? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

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