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Technology Inventions in 1982

Updated on May 31, 2014
Compact Disc
Compact Disc

New ideas, new inventions of 1982

There have been many changes in the year 1982, plenty in the area of technology.  We have been introduced to new things that are out of the ordinary such as the first CD (compact disk) player.  What this allows you to do is listen to music through a small reasonable sized player.  No longer do you have to wait to find a radio to listen to some music because the CD player is born.  Many companies have joined together in order to make this digital aged technology happen.  Sony, CBS/Sony, Polygram, and Philips were the developers of this product.  People are wanting to get their hands on this new technology for it’s a audio fans dream to listen and be apart of what seems to be the future for music.  The name of it is CDP-1011 and Idei was the person behind the CD player.  It has been put on the market just recently on October in different places, but mostly in Japan.  The price of one CD player is 168,000 yen around 2,000 U.S. dollars1, which is a little over what most people can afford.  But this is definitely the least expensive out of other audio systems.  Advertisements are up here and there for these players soon they will be markets all around the world, and it is predicted that everyone will have a CD player as Sony plans on making a smaller more compact player1.  This has a very good chance to be the next best thing next to the invention of the automobile.  Besides the Fist CD player there was another invention, which is The Weather Channel (WTC).  It was launched on May 2 and was founded by two guys by the names of Frank Batten and John Coleman2.  What the Weather channel is all about is showing accurate weather predictions using satellites and other technology to make sure you are getting the best weather forecast.  It broadcasts the forecast and weather related news all day round (24/7) updating you on weather changes in the week2.  Many people have so far enjoyed watching the channel and some say that it has the potential to continue to stay on television for a long time.  There has also been a break through regarding the Soviet Spaceship named Vanera 13.   These spaceships landed on Venus, which took about a little over four months to get there.  Once there on March 1 the Vanera 13 sent back colored pictures of how the planet looks like such as its surface3.  What they discovered from a sample of the surface blew the minds of scientists.  They found out that Venus’s surface has leucite basalt and tholeiitic basalt3.  And this connects to what Earth has in its soil within the ocean ridges.  With the help of these spaceships we are now able to see what is beyond our reach by humans, but by means of technology we can see and get a taste of what’s out there.  Technology this year has really made an impact on how, as a world, we are developing the inventions of tomorrow and what the future holds for us could be in technology’s hands.    

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    • Stillripah profile image

      Stillripah 5 years ago

      Thanks for the reminder, this hub reminds me how much we take for granted and how many great invention we eventually overlook.

    • profile image

      sara 6 years ago

      this is a great idea for this time