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Technology Template

Updated on September 9, 2016

Technology Is Everything These Days!

Technology articles are astoundingly popular online- and for a good reason. Technology presents quite a few opportunities to writers and publications as:

  • The topic is very exciting
  • Technology affects nearly everyone
  • The topic is constantly front and center in mainstream media
  • There is an unending stream of technological developments about which one can write
  • Technology-related issues (that are sufficiently specific and niche) are less likely to have already been extensively covered online

Writing on a popular subject is both a blessing and a curse. Though the opportunities are vast, you also have to contend with a higher volume of competition, and hence it is more important than ever that you create a truly superior Hub.

How to Create a Competitive Tech Hub

Hubs on subjects related to technology (which may touch on anything from semiconductor production to internet memes) can be made more robust, shareable, search-friendly, and competitive with:

  • Detailed, original, thorough, and well-written text
  • High quality, alluring, legally-used, properly attributed, and relevant images
  • Use of the Ratings Capsule should you, at any point in your Hub, refer to a specific product, service, or place
  • Great organization (use of short, descriptive subtitles for capsules as well as bulleted lists, tips summarized in Table Capsules, and illustrative imagery)
  • Interactive elements such as Poll and Quiz Capsules
  • Additional media provided via elements such as the Video Capsule
  • Information that cannot be found elsewhere online

Should you employ all of these elements together, your Hub will be in great shape!

Alluring Leading Images Make a Big Difference

Make sure your first image is really stellar. This is typically what shows up as a thumbnail when your Hub is shown in listings on HubPages and other social media sites.
Make sure your first image is really stellar. This is typically what shows up as a thumbnail when your Hub is shown in listings on HubPages and other social media sites. | Source

How Ratings Capsules Help Tech Hubs

Most technology Hubs mention at least one product, place, or service. If you happen to mention or recommend something, chances are you know enough about it to provide a basic evaluation (if not, you probably shouldn't be bringing it up).

By sharing your evaluation of a product, service, or place through the Ratings Capsule, you can:

  • Make your Hub more competitive in search results, as the star rating may appear alongside your Hub's listing in search results
  • Make your Hub more functional, by providing a quick visual evaluation of something discussed in greater detail in the text of your Hub

With technology Hubs, we recommend presenting your rating (by selecting the "Your Rating" option when you first open the Ratings Capsule) rather than inviting others to submit ratings so that you can effectively express your opinion (which is what holds the most value in most cases).

An Example of a Single Person Rating for The Fracking Toaster

3 stars for Fracking Toaster
By adding a descriptive caption to an image, you can increase its odds of showing up in image search results and leading more searchers to your Hub.
By adding a descriptive caption to an image, you can increase its odds of showing up in image search results and leading more searchers to your Hub. | Source

Use Tables to Summarize Prices, Specs, Functionality, and More!

The Whosit
Springs, gears, electricity, irony
The Whatsit
Ambiguity, a countdown clock, and built-in tea cups
The Gizmo
Lighted mirrors, seven pockets, and dignity
The Gadget
Shaved ice, diamonds, and a limited time warranty

Don't Forget Videos!

Even if you cannot provide original video footage to supplement your excellent writing, we recommend looking around for videos on Vimeo and YouTube to see if there are any great overviews and guides that can add value and utility to your Hub.

When selecting videos, be sure to watch them in their entirety to ensure that they are of high quality and truly relevant. We recommend avoiding the use of videos which might be infringing on another's copyright (e.g. videos that are clips of a TV show posted by someone other than the TV channel) as they may be taken down. It is a good practice to periodically check Hubs that contain videos to ensure that the videos are still present as sometimes video posters change embedding permissions, which can remove the video from your Hub.

People Love to Discuss Tech—Let Them Weigh in!

By adding a Poll Capsule in a relatively high position of your Hub, you can invite visitors to engage with your work and feel as though they are participating- a feeling that may prevent them from bouncing away and lowering your Hub's precious view duration stats.

We recommend asking your readers about:

  • Their approaches to a particular technological issue you discuss
  • Their preference for a specific product, service, or solution
  • Their opinion on a new technological development or product
  • Their prediction about a technological trend
  • Their most profound concern / gripe / praise for the subject at hand

Be sure to check the results of your polls from time to time. They may very well provide inspiration for a future Hub!

Polls are Great for Tech Hubs

Why do you enjoy writing about technology?

See results

How to Really Push That Competitive Edge

Your Hub is far more likely to succeed if it provides information that cannot be found anywhere else online.

We recommend:

  • Providing additional insights on practical use of new technology (e.g. your personal experience using some advanced equipment to which few people have access)
  • Offering historical context and information that is not typically addressed in other articles covering the subject
  • Presenting original images or video footage of a subject of which there is little visual media available (e.g. the insides of a device)
  • Sharing expert advice and analysis that is not available elsewhere and given by someone with unique expertise in the subject at hand

The more original information you can provide, the better!


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