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Technology and Sport.

Updated on April 30, 2015

technology and sport

Technology and sport

As the world continuously moves to rely on technological advancements, no spheres of a human life is spared. From the concept of internet of things, one generally sees the world being a wireless platform, with technology running the world. The connection between sport and technology can generally be stressed through a discussion of some notable technological developments in sports today. It has also received a fair share of criticism but like any other development, criticism is can only work towards perfecting the final product

Instant Replay technology

Referees should have been the most happiest with this development, after years of sometimes being blamed for making the supposedly losing team win. 1986 saw the first introduction of the technology in the field by the NFL. This technology not only changed how you see the game on the screen but also how the games are treated in the field, from swinging decisions to influencing countless outcomes. Today it is very common on the field with many sporting activity, chief of which are football, basketball and hockey. Cricket has used a third empire who seats off the field and watching from a television and advices the empires through communication technologies. Instant replay initiated the now commonly used goal line technology which uses an overhead camera. It enables the referees to replay the scene and
decide on disputed goals for instance, helping them make better decisions.

football, hockey

helmet headset

Introduced in 1994, this set of technology brought double benefits to football. Safety and communication had always been a big issue in sporting activities like motorcycle and American football. The convenience that this technological piece came with was safety and better communication with team members for motor cycle. Helmets also closely follow this advancement, now it seems like a fiction story that even hockey players once played without them. Hockey helmets introduction were a direct result of injuries during the game and today they have helped reduce player injuries.

helmet headset


Changing gears on a bike today seems like something that was invented with the bike. Before 1937, the best cyclers did not know of this technological advancement. Professional riders even in big events like the Tour de France had to get off the bike and switch wheels for downhill and uphill sections of the race . Today, this technology even helps the ordinary cycler visiting friends or just riding around town, it has brought ease to the activity.

With the popularisation of the personal computer and portable devices, many software packages meant for fitness and nutrition have been developed. Some of the most notable include

§ The team beep test, this multipurpose software package is mainly used for “conducting and recording results of the bleep/beep test” . The results are recorded on a computer for review.
§ The BodyByte, this software package was designed to “comprehensively organize and manage all information associated with nutrition, training and fitness” which can be very useful to the coach and the trainer. These and many numeral software packages have even influenced the development of applications for use by any individual, even those who are not athletes. These have become even more important today where obesity and overweight are a crisis;
§ Apple gadgets for instance are purchased pre-installed with a Nike+ application which, when running, can track your performance, allows one to set personal goals, explore places and share your goals while listening to your favourite playlist .
§ The fat calculator, this software, as the name projects, is very useful for “estimation of body fat percent” .
§ The Fitness Age, this is an online based fitness assessment tool. It uses the “results of a series of physical tests to calculate the Fitness Age of a person.”

The internet

The internet has advanced the experience of both the sports person and the fans. Video streaming sites allow one to watch their favourite game at the comfort of their home. Through streaming, even gadgets like the Google Glass can live stream a match and let them fan enjoy as if they are at the field. The experience is also made convenient with smart phones which can also stream and even save the match to watch later. Technology in sport has had considerable developments that are imperative, for the betterment of the sporting activity both as a player and a fan. The extensive technological advancements that have made sport safer are a celebrated cause.


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