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Technology application in education

Updated on May 30, 2016

Some have even brought a dramatic boost in efficiency and effectiveness into many important subjects. One of them is education. A whole new level of flexibility and presentation methods has been introduced to education that has radically changed the face of education itself.

  1. 1. Projector, screen and computer

The big black or white board with chalks all over the place is used to be a common trait of a classroom. While not entirely disappear now, there some new ways for the teachers to present and explain the lesson to students without writing too much on the black board. A projector and a screen plus a computer to connect and relay the lesson are all we need nowadays. Teachers can prepare the lesson at home and show it to the students just by a few clicks. And in case some further explanations are needed, the board is always ready to be used. Students can also have computers in the classroom to assist them with searching information or receiving teacher notes, doing assignments and even tests. This technology application has greatly reduced teachers fatigue while emphasizes students ‘ interactions.

  1. 2. Online studying

Students who have irregular timetables or live in rural areas facea lots of major obstacles to overcome to be present in a normal class now have a chance to receive the same lectures and explanations from teachers just like any other students. Virtual studying has come to life specifically to deal with situation like this. Just with an internet connection and a computer, you can have the same lesson as in a normal class.

  1. 3. Open sources

Lots of information and knowledge now have their own digital forms that are quite accessible to anyone with an Internet. With a bit of time and efforts, both teachers and students can locate a large amount of references, notes, examples… which are generally available to the public. While these sources somehow have been abused for ulterior motives, its usefulness cannot be denied and should be encouraged.

  1. 4. Programs and tools

Ways in the old days require student to calculate numbers on their own and write down notes with their hands. Nowadays this types of studying still have its own usefulness but have been surpassed in several ways by tools and programs that provide much better flexibility and easy to understand instructions so that the student can receive them more efficiently and solve problem way faster than ever before. Still, this may also have certain negative effects such as dulling students’ initiative and independent thinking, lower their ability to deal with problems successfully without machinery assistances, etc.

  1. 5. Multimedia services

Listening to long lectures from teacher alone can be bored and promote somewhat less-enthusiastic reactions from students. With multimedia services, teacher now can introduce a more dynamic way of relaying information and facts to student while keep them focused, concentrated and excited at the same time. A movie or a TV show that are familiar to students can be used to good effect by students if they know how to combine the subject references into it nicely. Besides, teachers can use audio, imaging, animations, video clips or any other contents that are suitable to the student and fulfill the lesson goal.

  1. 6. Remote teaching

A bit similar to online studying but also quite different. Teachers may have some problems that prevent them from coming to class. With the aid of technology, in this case, the video conference function, teachers can teach the student in the class from their homes with little refrains compared to actually present in the class. Assignments, homework or even tests can be delivered and execute in this manner as well.


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