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Wearable technology for better living

Updated on December 24, 2014

Wearable tech that will benefit your health and relieve your stress

With the announcement that BMW will be given us a preview of technology to come, at the 2015 CES international in Las Vegas, January 6 through the 9 2015, that will allow your card park itself. By using a wearable tech smartwatch to remotely activate BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant which will allow the car to drive itself into a multi-story garage and park without any human assistance. Along with that the car once part will lock itself, and wait for either a voice command or a set time and place to meet its driver, plus will give an estimate on the arrival time to that location.

This would be a stress reliever for sure and may even save some lives with the amount of people that have misjudged the accelerator for the brakes. And others who dread the aggressive nature that goes along with finding a parking space at the local mall.


New Self-Driving BMW 330i

EyeGlass device

Another wearable tech is designed to sit right on your nose, and although Google has introduced the world to their glasses that gave its wearer the ability to record and interact with the world in a whole new way, but has been problematic because of the cost (retails for $1,500), and some pushback by the public at large because of privacy issues.

Now enter Sony which is working on a product that did similar to Google Glass in concept but will be a clip on existing eyewear, making it much easier for the public at large to be introduced to the product by just adding on to their existing eyewear, EyeGlass device is still in a prototype phase but once it's introduced into production may quickly becoming very fashionable statement.


A wave of your hand

Now for those who are looking to make gestures that will make your house perform without the need of voice commands or clapping your hands, there is a new products that will allow you to interact with your surroundings by a wave of your hand, one such product is Reemo by the company Playtabase in Minneapolis, MN and is being sold as a pre-ordered product that will run around $250, and could benefit many who have limited mobility and offer them a way to continue to function in their homes.

Playtabase Reemo

Raise your consciousness

At the end of the day we may still need to find a way to relieve stress even more the final product that could round out your evening is the product that is not a wearable for say, but a product that will give you continuous cohesiveness of life emWave2 is a handheld products that boast the ability to allow you to communicate with your heart the product will also interact with software loaded onto your computer that will chart your well-being. And raise your consciousness to new level allowing you to interact with the world around you in a whole new way.

Communicate with your heart

The Jetsons

This is just some of the products that will offer you a better experience on a daily level, relieve stress and make a difference in the way you handle your life in general. Looks like all we need now are the robots that can tend to our needs. Then we would truly be moving closer to the Jetsons, and although it's a cartoon made in the past it may be foretelling our coming future.

The Jetsons


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