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Technology has shrunk the World

Updated on August 25, 2012

We live in the 21st century where communication technology has progressed leaps and bounds. But not too many years ago, it was a different story. Even though Graham Bell invented the telephone back in1870, even in the 1990s, for someone to speak to anybody across continents and oceans was an expensive ordeal to say the least. Moving from landline telephones to mobile or cellular technology was another major accomplishment of the phone industry. One,that revolutionized the ability of people to be anywhere and receive a call and not just ‘by the desk phone’.


Next the communication went to the next level of having to ‘see’ who you are speaking with. Webcams and web chats or even Yahoo mesenger, MSN chat and now Skype and similar applications have truly transformed the way people around the world stay connected to friends and family.

Gone are the days, when if a family member left for abroad, you are not certain when you would hear back from them, even if that meant a post mail or a simple phone call. Now, the expectation is- “land and message me” or “call once you check into the hotel or email your local number and I will call!”

Cell phones are being able to be used across countries; you even get calling cards which facilitate affordable calls to be made across continents.

If you have a computer or laptop and internet connection available, you can send emails of your safe arrival and fix up chat and video chat meeting dates. Grandparents can view their grandchildren and talk to their kids for hours at a minimal cost sitting in the comfort of their homes in far off countries.

It almost feels like sitting and talking together in the same living room. Seeing is believing and seeing your friends and family on your laptop screen takes the connection to a different level.

Earlier when someone crossed the seven seas, you could only hope and pray for their safety and well being and be lucky enough to see them dock back at the home port after a few years. Sounds archaic but I am sure it still occurs in poor countries and where technology has still not managed to reach.

Today, phone companies provide a host of packages to suit individual needs of local and international calling. You can pick and choose a plan that fits your requirements the best.

We live in an age when travel and distances have become affordable and doable choices. No longer is it a deterrent to take jobs and pursue careers outside of your home country. Finances, modes of transportation, timelines and most of all technology have shrunk this world.

No longer is it really considered ‘being adventurous’ to travel abroad, it is becoming a way of life instead. More and more people are using their passports and heading out to explore newer regions. Folks are taking up international assignments and are ready to move bag and baggage with family and kids and try a new life in a foreign place. This courage is provided thanks to the perks of technology. People are exposed to different opportunities because of enhanced communication. In fact , you tend to stay more ‘in touch’ with your friends and family back home , while you’re away , just because of the ease of doing so in your very living room. No need to dress, drive and catch up. Just run into someone ‘online’ and catch up instead!

It is definitely a very different world and age from 20 years ago, but human beings adapt and today's children would probably never know what a snail mail or a stamp is or understand what a ‘foreign trip’ means, because it is what we do normally today in our lives!

More and more people are becoming world travellers and I believe we are better off this way.

Do you think that technological advancements have shrunk this world making it a better and more connected place?

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Staying connected
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    • Riverfish24 profile image

      Riverfish24 5 years ago from United States

      Totally agree leahlefler...

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 5 years ago from Western New York

      Technology has definitely made the world smaller. Since we live over 3,000 miles from family, we are very grateful for the ability to Skype, Facebook, and blog to our family. It helps keep us together even when we're far apart!