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Technology of Cell Phones

Updated on February 17, 2011

Xperia Play

At last the moment I was waiting for this Cell Phone :), on 13 of February at Mobile World Congress Sony Ericsson gave the hands on preview of Xperia Play ( You can check the specification by clicking on link ). Which is latest android phone launched by Sony Ericsson. It's like any other phone but the main difference comes from it's ablility to play Sony play station games. Yes, you are right it can play sony play station 1 game titles but you have to download them from the Sony library, there are also specifically fifty titles availible for Xperia Play.

Xperia Play will be availibe in America by April of 2011. The price has not yet been disclosed but according to Nordberg who is the CEO of Sony Ericsson He said that Phone will be "subsidized phone".

Sony Ericsson's Market share is continually rising according to Nordberg "We started our android journey on April 1 last year, we have taken 40% market share in nine months and still counting"

I read all this on CNN Website. There is video of this Xperia Play Phone but also the launch ceremony of Xperia Play. Happy Playing :)


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