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Technology seems to have made robot humans

Updated on April 12, 2013

Technology made robot humans

This is such an interesting subject for me as I may seemingly be the last human on earth to not have a cell phone and have never tweeted or twittered ever. I also am not on face book as there is no privacy whatsoever. Anything at all you put on the Internet is spread all over in nanoseconds. It's just crazy how trusting people have become when sending supposed private pictures of themselves to a boyfriend/girlfriend and how easily hackers can destroy ones life. I guess I watch too much 20/20 and Dateline. I have seen horrible things that the internet has done to peoples relationships and lives.

After several not so great happenings on Internet banking, I do everything manually and in person now so that my information can be safe. Anyway I digress from the subject at hand ,which is how technology has created robotic- type humans. People are using technology so often that the old fashion human interaction happens so rarely that society has turned into robot/humans. People don't even talk in full words anymore but letters OMG....LOL.... LMAO...etc. etc.... Also most use e-mail as communication instead of meeting up and actually having tea or coffee and a chat. Most seem to never have time for anything anymore as they are too busy with their technological devices.

It's like I want to scream "Get off your computer or cell phone and let's have a real conversation". I love my senior clients as they are grounded and down to earth and don't let computers rule their lives but rather love to garden or quilt or just go for walks and most all aren't attached to anything electronic except maybe a wheel-chair.

I just wonder at what point we as a society turned into almost non-humans. I mean people break up over the Internet so they don't have to face the person. How spineless and non-feeling is that? It's so cold and robotic. I have even heard in certain instances that people have been fired over the Internet as well. It's just so strange that someone can type something on the Internet that they would never say or do in person. Also you could get fired for any information a company can find out about you online. There is no privacy anymore.

I am so happy to be self-employed so I don't have to worry about companies delving into my private life but I know people who have to deal with invasion of their privacy. At what time did it become legal for companies to force people to have to sign up for Face book in order to be hired, so they can check out their family and friends etc... When did our privacy become irrelevant?

Technology has it's place but I think there should be more ways of communicating naturally not mechanically. These are just my observations and thoughts.

I look forward to hearing yours.


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