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Technology that will help you and your electronics

Updated on January 13, 2017

Disinfecting Technology

Purchasing a new product that you heard about, and also have anticipated the joy of having in your possession, can give you instant gratification. But making technology fit into our own personal universe can leave us with feelings of how powerful wanting this new thing was, as opposed to having it and learning how to use it. Plus the upkeep that can go along with new technology, which you do not want to fail.

Now that there are products coming on the market that support other technologies, we may be relieved of pampering our gadgets to ensure longevity.

For your phone there is Phonesoap, this is a way of keeping you healthy while using your phone. It is a proven disinfecting technology so your phone will not get you sick. Already in use in many hospitals, the public can now buy this solution that will charge and sanitize phones at the same time. Watch the video to see it in action.Cost is around $50.00


Device Charging

DOK Solution has a fun way of charging your phones and tablets. DOK’s product is called CR68 and charges up to six devices through USB technology that protects the device's battery. Its features include USB cable organization, clocks, alarms and speakers for listening to a device. Costs around $130.00. Plus at CES 2017 they will introduce CR25, a voice activated five device charger that answers phone calls, updates your schedule, plays songs from music libraries, asks internet questions, reads audiobooks, gets the weather, sports scores, info on local businesses, and more.

Also this year GameSir M2 a Kickstarter will be introducing a game controller at CES 2017 for your phone that will turn your iPhone into a handheld game console called GameSir M2 GamePad, if you ever felt that you were losing control of the game because your thumbs are too big this will help you conquer and make it to the next level.

So as you anticipate the purchase of your next gadget, know that there is technology designed to help you to maintain the excitement even longer.

Device Charger

DOK Solution

The more devices we have the more we have to charge

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