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Tech Tips - An Intro

Updated on December 10, 2012
SDHC Memory Card
SDHC Memory Card

This is my intro hub for what is to come. I have been working in technology for over five years now. It is why I want to move to San Francisco for good to embrace my passion and expertise in technology.

But before doing all that I thought of sharing some tips by covering a lot of tech products and services to assist you.Technology is my other love and I have kept in touch by either covering the industry or some of its hottest stocks: Microsoft, Apple, etc.

It has really helped me to make money and I am proud to say that I have jump started my business development career by actually starting a business. It is basically a retail business where I sell some tech toys.

I put this up here for you to have additional confidence in myself and my Hubs as you will know that I am selling the stuff that I am talking about on a day-to-day basis. I am proud to say that at the age of 24, I have managed to sell $25,000 worth of tech products and services.

I got everything from from the best earphones (Shure) to power supplies to portable DVD players (why they can be better than small laptops) covered!

Genius Wireless Ring Presenter
Genius Wireless Ring Presenter

You can see the "World's First" phrase in the above photo and that reflects an aim of this Hub and the tech hubs that follow. It is basically not going to talk about what is as. For example, we all know the nuances of the 8.5GB Dual Layer DVD. I will definitely talk about that to serve as a good reference, but there will be a look to the future with the evolution. In the example of the DVD it will be the latest which is the 250GB Blue Ray disc and the developments that are happening to take it the next generation.

It helps to know technology and what tech stuff we will be confronted in the future. Its really simple. It helps us invest in appropriate technology and maximizes our current use of available technology.

Trust me. Reading these Hubs will give you such an edge that you will almost feel like your in the Bay Area.

We'll be talking about printers too. I am quite the HP and Canon expert and you can expect me to look at a lot of their products.

We got phone accessories covered too!
We got phone accessories covered too!

Feel free to drop me a message or a comment on one of my posts for any ailing tech problems and I am sure to reply you or direct to a source that will clear your issues.


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