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Telephones- GE Big Button Speakerphone

Updated on December 17, 2010

Telephone technology has come a long way. Although cell phones are most popular, some still appreciate specialized telephones serving a niche area of needed assistance. General Electric telephones have produced a great product in its Model GE29369. It is a big button speakerphone and more. The small niche groups of people that benefit from this telephone are the elderly, those with hearing loss, and those with poor eyesight.

GE Big Button Speakerphone
GE Big Button Speakerphone | Source

Desired Features

  •  A back-light for night time viewing
  •  Big buttons to compensate for times I am not wearing my eyeglasses
  •  A speakerphone with separate volume controls from the handset
  •  Caller ID (cid)
  •  User friendly operation

The GE speakerphone provides me with all of the desired features I am looking for in a speakerphone. The buttons are truly big so that dialing without glasses poses no problem. Equally as satisfying is the back light feature. No longer must I turn on a light to view the caller ID information. Neither must I hurry to see who is calling since the phone stays back-lit for at least 10-15 seconds after the phone stops ringing.

Most important is the speakerphone feature. The sound quality is excellent on both the speakerphone and hand-held receiver. The volume is adjustable for both the hand-held receiver and the speaker by pushing the clearly marked VOL button located on the bottom left part of the phone. No longer must I contend with radio frequency noises from baseball games being aired on the radio or airplanes flying overhead. Such interference is now very minimal if present at all and is a welcomed change from the days when multiply broadcasts interfered with my attention span and ability to concentrate.

Price Comparison

The GE big button speakerphone with back light was not the cheapest nor was it the most expensive. It was in the mid forty dollar range and because I purchased it from an Amazon associate, I also had to pay for shipping and handling. However I can point to a cheaper alternative for the exact model. offers the same phone for a couple of dollars less and the shipping is set at $2.95 which also beats Take notice of whether or not the model being sold by is refurbished or not and read what is involved in purchasing such a product.

A Telephone for the Disabled and Elderly

As the eyesight dims or hearing loss increases a speakerphone with big buttons makes negotiating these challenges more successful. It makes a great gift for an elderly parent or for someone with poor eyesight or suffering from hearing loss. Those with cognitive difficulties will like the 3 storage numbers labeled “A” “B” and “C” conveniently located on the top of the phone for the three most often called numbers of family and friends.

Memory Storage

This may not be an appropriate phone for the caller who wishes to save a large amount of stored numbers to the phone’s memory. The GE 29369 phone stores only 13 numbers and is unlike cordless phones which can easily store 50-100 different phone numbers.

Take Advantage of Sales

The same exact model is now on sale at the pictures do appear to be of the same speakerphone, the model numbers do not totally match up. I am curious to see whether I can receive a credit for my recent purchase as I paid full price for the item. It appears that now is the time to buy, if a high quality speakerphone with big buttons is what you are searching for. Just remember to compare the models closely as one may have a back light and the other may not.

Customer Recommendations has a large collection of customer recommendations for this telephone. Most telling perhaps is that a total of 104 customer reviews are available. Percentage-wise, thirty-three percent of those who viewed the information purchased this particular phone model.

The reviews pointed out a potential problem with the phone receiver and the unusual way the receiver fits in its holder. If not placed carefully the phone can be off the hook and the user may not be aware. This could be a problem for an elderly person who may not take notice of this potential problem. For those who are able to make sure the phone is placed properly, the issue seems to be of minimal concern.

All in all I highly recommend GE’s big button speakerphone with 13 number memory. I have already given it a thorough test run and look forward to all the future phone calls I will be able to comfortably listen to from my home.


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