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Top Ten Best Android Live Wallpapers about Space, Galaxy, Flight, Wormhole, and so on.

Updated on May 17, 2013


The following is a list of ten best live wallpapers for Android OS about space, curated from a list I maintain over at my other hub: Over 200 Android Live Wallpapers Reviewed. They are great for showing off your Android phone or tablet. 

There are actually 15 live wallpapers linked here, as one of them is a collection of 4 different LWPs. To download these, make sure you have access to Android Marketplace. All of these links are to the FREE versions, though some may have paid alternatives as well. The links are to If you have Fast Market Install, you can install directly from Otherwise, click through to Android Market and download there.

If you have questions about how to use a Live Wallpaper, please see my other hub for details.

Vortex Galaxy Screenshot
Vortex Galaxy Screenshot | Source

The "Galaxy" series by Maxelus

Maxelus created four different live wallpapers: Ice Galaxy, Inferno Galaxy, Vortex Galaxy, and Shadow Galaxy, all looking different, yet similar in nature. All are visually impressive.

All four are free and available at Android Market.

Ice Galaxy Appbrain / Market
Inferno Galaxy Appbrain / Market
Vortex Galaxy Appbrain / Market
Shadow Galaxy Appbrain / Market

Galaxy Core Screenshot
Galaxy Core Screenshot | Source

Galaxy Core by AOI Studio

Galaxy Core (also known as Galaxy Core 3D) includes a dozen different galaxies (including nebulae) and looks beautiful though the colors seem to be a bit too bright for space. However, they are at least somewhat scientifically accurate with different presentations, like wisp, disc, globular, and so on.

It is worth a detailed look as it is free!

NOTE: Not the same as "Galactic Core"

Galaxy Core 3D
NOTE: AOI Studio appear to have been banned from Android Market

Hyperspace 3D screenshot
Hyperspace 3D screenshot | Source

Hyperspace 3D by GoWallpaperDev

Hyperspace 3D is an adaptation of "Hyperspace" from ReallySlick Screensavers for Windows. I've highlighted some of its cousins on my "Ten Best Free Windows Screensavers" hub. The Android version is just as impressive. You fly through a space, inside a "time tunnel", and watch galaxies and such go by. Very impressive.

WARNING: This version seem to violate the GPL license from ReallySlick screensaver's Source code.

Hyperspace 3D
No longer available in market

Star Chase screenshot
Star Chase screenshot | Source

Star Chase by unixseb

Star Chase is an homage to the space chase scenes in Star Wars (and a bit to the space shooters like X-Wing and Star Wars arcade). You get a first-person view of some sort of Star Wars spacecraft in front, jinking left and right trying to get away.

The real run about this LWP is if you tap the screen you shoot lasers at the target! If you hit it enough times, it goes kaboom! However, if you miss too many times, it will get away!

Appbrain / Market

Starfield 3D Screenshot
Starfield 3D Screenshot | Source


Starfield 3D is the stereotypical 'flying through space' live wallpaper. Viewpoint shift if you switch to one of the other desktop panes, and rather minimal CPU drain. You can also engage "sideways view" and pretend it's a meteor shower.

Starfield 3d
No longer available, use the alternate version below

NOTE: There is another LWP of nearly the same name from from We Like Caps

Asteroid Belt screenshot
Asteroid Belt screenshot | Source

Asteroid Belt by Kittehface

Asteroid Belt doesn't have that much motion, but it compensates by having quite detailed graphics, as you watch the asteroids fly by. You can even see the orbits of other planets, and the sun. The asteroids themselves are quite detailed and visually impressive.

The planets do move according to time of day, landscape mode support is there, and switching to different panes on desktop will shift the view. All in all, great value for free.

Asteroid Belt
Appbrain / Market

Celestial Bodies Lite
Celestial Bodies Lite | Source

Celestial Bodies Lite by gentlemandroid

Celestial Bodies Lite is a limited version of Celetial Bodies, i.e. the planets of our Solar System. You only get a few planets in the freebie version, but it is still visually impressive.

The full version, only $1.25, has much more, including ability to generate a new solar system for you.

Celestial Bodies Lite
Appbrain / Market

Earth Live Wallpaper
Earth Live Wallpaper | Source

Earth Live Wallpaper by unixseb

Earth Live Wallpaper is one of the earliest LWPs on the market, and the author has made a "map pack" available that included other planets, even fictional planets like Death Star and such. It is very detailed and very impressive.

Earth Live Wallpaper (donation version available)
Appbrain / Market

Earth Live Wallpaper Map Pack
Appbrain / Market

Galactic Core
Galactic Core | Source

Galactic Core by Kittehface

Galactic Core is a better looking version of the built-in Galaxy Core (not to be confused with the 3D version highlighted above). The viewpoint is shifted and zoomed closer in so you can see far better details of this swirling galaxy. If you shift to different panes on the desktop the viewpoint will shift as well. If you like it you can buy the "donation version" from the market.

Galactic Core
Appbrain / Market

Jumpgate | Source

Jumpgate by Kittehface

Jumpgate has Andy the Android on a "jetpack" flying through hyperspace, dodging the occasional asteroid. Tap him and he'll wave "hi" or do a barrel roll to show off. Different panes will show different perspectives of the same action.

Paid version have more options, like speed, asteroid density, even different ships (not just Andy the Android)

Jumpgate Free
Appbrain / Market


Hope you enjoy this Top Ten Roundup, and stay tuned for more Top Ten Roundups in the near future!

In the meanwhile, check out some of the other Android App Reviews below. 


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      David 3 years ago

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      Allen 3 years ago

      The following sites have some pretty cool wallpapers.

      Hope that helps some people out!

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      Ivan 5 years ago

      Nice collection, but missed one another cool 2d physics live wallpaper

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      great hub. Is most important know the what best for custom

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      The galaxy series is my favorite.

      Thanks for the post!

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      Use the Fast Web Installer. Same thing. :D But I'll see what I can do. :)

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      wish these were linked to app market instead of appbrain =/