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Ten Reasons Not To Buy An iPad Now

Updated on June 11, 2010

Everyone these days is becoming excited about the new iPad, a device created by Apple to serve as a reader, or to play games and surf the internet. It is a pretty nice looking mobile device, with a good screen and lots of nice applications.

However, despite a lot of good things that I have heard about the iPad, I think it is still not the time to go full time into this new thing, and spend my hard earned money on it. Here are a few reasons why I think it is still not time to buy an iPad:

  1. It is a first generation product. No matter how good a product is, its first generation always has some little issues that need to be solved until a second or later generations reach the market. It is a think that can be counted as certain. For example, the iPhone had certain issues with the desplay, batteries, etc. That were sorted out as the product mature. It is now a much better product, but wasn't all that good in the first version.
  2. A new version will quickly make the current one obsolete. Because of what I explained above, the iPad will quickly be improved by Apple, and they will probably create a new version before the end of the year, to get everyone that will want to buy christmas gifts. The next version will be released quickly and the current owners will be left with a somewhat old product.

  1. The iPad has no camera. Are you serious? You create a mobile device in 2010 and it has no camera? It is hard to believe something like this. Even my wrist watch has a 5 mega pixels camera, why the iPad doesn't have one? The most probable answer is that they will release one in the next months, so this is another reason why I don't want to spend my money now. I would much better have a mobile device that at least has a camera.
  2. The iPad has very few applications. Although it can play the applications written for the iPhone, they all look ackward compared to real applications for the iPad. It would be very nice to have more options of applications. For now, the iPad is just trailling behind the iPhone in number of apps. One does much better buying a cheap netbook that can use any application.
  3. No many accessories. Accessories is one of the things that makes it cool to have a gadget like this. But the iPad has still not even a fraction of the accessories available for the iPhone. It is necessary to wait a little bit while this market can mature and we can find really useful stuff.
  4. It has no video conferencing. This is a consequence of not having camera, but it is important enough to mention separately. Video conferencing is one of the nice things that a mobile device could do. Steve Jobs just lost an oportunity to create something really useful by hiding this option.
  5. The on-screen keyboard is not that good. Compared to other mobile devices, even the iPhone, the keyboard on the iPad is not easy to use. They still need to spend some time improving it into something easier to use.
  6. No handwritten recognition. One of the main advantages of a device like the iPad could be to create hand written notes. However, the iPad missed this great opportunity to allow users to create their own notes. There is no hand written recognition, or a pen to simplify entering of such hand written notes.
  7. The price is still high for a pad. It is not a full featured computer, since one can only access the web and run applications that were created for a cell phone. It expected it to be like a make (well, a smaller version), but in fact it is just a large iPhone. And iPhones sell for $200 and have cameras. The price has to come down become people consider this seriously.
  8. The price will come down. This is just a consequence of the previous point: the price is too high, it is similar to the initial price of the iPhone. A few month later, what happened: Apple slashed the prices. I predict the same thing to happen here, because the hardware is basically the same. The iPad just has a larger screen, even the operating system is the same. Apple will finally offer a version that is much cheaper, even if it requires a contract from AT&T, which is not that bad.


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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Wow! Very interesting points and I tend to believe you about first generation devices. I was seriously considering buying one, but now I'm going to wait and see what happens when the new one comes out. Do you know if a new one is in the making?