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Text Editing And Formatting a Document Using Microsoft Word

Updated on January 8, 2019
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Patrick, a computer technician, is a dedicated writer who wishes to make the world better by informing individuals who seek more knowledge.

Text Editing and Formatting Documents Using Microsoft Office Word

Once you type your text on the MS Word window, it requires editing and formatting to give it a nice appeal. The best thing with Microsoft Word is that it highlights the quite obvious mistakes that you make, either typo, spellings or grammar related errors as you type. Some of them will be automatically corrected as you type, for instance, if you type the word 'exampel', the MS Word program will rectify it for you automatically. Most of the times you won't even know if you had made a mistake. Thanks to the auto-correct feature in the program.

The Font Formatting Option

The option for changing font
The option for changing font | Source

Spelling and Grammar Checking in MS Word

The best thing is for you to do grammar and spell checking after you finish typing. There are two ways you can check the spelling and grammar on your work:-

  1. You can right click on the underlined word or phrase and check on the given suggestions, then select the correct one.
  2. You can use the spelling and grammar tool. Click on tools and then select spelling and grammar. This tool comes in handy when spell checking a lot of text. Check among the given words for the word you want.

For the words not in the dictionary, you have to ignore them. You have the option of also adding words to the dictionary.

Spelling and Grammar Tool

Spelling and grammar tool
Spelling and grammar tool | Source

Formatting a Document

When you format text, you change its appearance in many ways such as font, font style, font colour, font size among others. To format any text, you must select it first. Text can be selected or highlighted using the following methods:-

  1. Click with the text pointer at the beginning of your text, hold down the left mouse button and then drag the mouse pointer to the end of your text.
  2. Click at the beginning of your text; hold down the shift key move using the right arrow key until you reach the end of your text. You can use the down arrow to move to another sentence.
  3. Click the beginning of your selection hold down the shift key then click at the end of your text.
  4. To select one word, double click on it.
  5. To select a whole paragraph triple click it.
  6. To select a whole document, click on its margin 3 times or click on edit and then select all or hold down CTRL key and then press A.

After successfully highlighting the text you want to format, click on the format menu and select Font. On the dialog box that appears, you can change so many things related to the font. The best thing is to try them out on the document you have typed.

Spell Checking by Right Clicking on the Specific Word

Spelling and grammar check by right clicking
Spelling and grammar check by right clicking | Source

Selecting or Highlighting Text in MS Word

Selecting text
Selecting text | Source

Changing Case

We have a number of sentence cases that you can apply to your text. Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case and tOGGLE cASE. Change case is important because assume you have a whole paragraph that you want to change each of the first characters of every word to be a capital. It would be hectic changing one at a time but so simple while using the Tittle Case option.

To do this, highlight the text you want to change case. Go to format, change case. Then select the sentence case you want. It is good for your practice using all of them.

How Your Work Appears After Applying Different Cases

Different cases
Different cases | Source

Background Formatting in MS Word

This is the setting of a nice background to your page. To do this, go to format, and then select the background. You can choose a plain colour for your background or go colour-crazy and mix your own colours using the option fill effects. Under the fill effects, you can make use of gradient, texture, pattern, or picture.

For gradient, you can make use of one colour (you can make it darker or lighter), two colours (you choose any two colours you want) or presets (colour patterns already saved on your computer). Remember to mess up with the different shading styles as much as you can. This will be the only best way to learn.

For texture, pattern, and picture, you just select the one you want.

Tip: When using the picture option, you can be able to use any kind of picture (even your own picture) as your page background as long as it is saved on your computer.

Fill Effects in MS Word

Fill effects used for background
Fill effects used for background | Source

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Text Editing And Formatting a Document Using Microsoft Word

© 2012 Patrick Kamau


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    • Patkay profile imageAUTHOR

      Patrick Kamau 

      8 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks dwachira for reading and commenting. I very much agree with you that Ms Word is user friendly.

    • dwachira profile image

      Danson Wachira 

      8 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I like Microsoft Word very much especially now that they introduced a ribbon style in Ms Word 2007 and 2010. Ms Word is a user friendly word processor and its contextual menus moves with you within the application hence very easy to access the options when you are working. Thanks for sharing.


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