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Texts, Calling 411 & Other Computerized Messages

Updated on September 15, 2015

What irritates me the most is when....

I am almost finished with my call and then there is not a place that I can say, "go back" or there is no phone number to call so that I may explain what I'm looking for with a real person. An automated customer service verses a compassionate real person on the other end; my vote is for the actual person. Siri is an intelligent virtual voice that is capable of providing a personal service but she also has her quarks.

How can something so small be so aggravating?

A Simple Phone
A Simple Phone | Source

"What City and State?"

Cast your vote for the new customer service, not being a real person.

A Phone That Thinks It's a Smart Phone.

Sometimes it pays to proof read before sending.
Sometimes it pays to proof read before sending. | Source

Beware of Automatic Corrections.

Should be
Automaticly Changed to
1. unless you
2. praying
3. that
4. Payless
Halo mentalist Pilot
5. shit
6. subsidy
7. Isn't he
and me
B. Desk
On # 5, this word might be bleeped but yet when not meaning to use this word, the phone may spell it or at least something like it ?

"Opps! That isn't what I meant to say."

Should have said,"OK, unless you want me to call you back?"
Should have said,"OK, unless you want me to call you back?" | Source

"Dang it, my phone changed my word."

Have you ever sent a text before proof reading and wished you were not so quick to send?

See results

Share in the comment section below.

1. What has your phone substituted, for what you wanted to say? .

2. What crazy messages have you received from others that they didn't mean to text?

3. Have you found yourself going back and editing what you wanted to say that didn't get relayed correctly?

Some Things Never Change

Size, Clarification & Detached

Cell phones have gone from humongous to small but if you notice they are going back to large again, until the next phase, that is. For the most part, we may not hear, "do you hear me now," as much as we use too but there are those places that reception is still dead. Now if we can travel past the idea of saving money with an automotive customer service back to a more polite and personal service in order to please the customers when needing information; we certainly would have happier customers and less phone rage.

People are still answering phones where their conversations can be over heard. Like the Seinfeld show, we have gone from paying others a private visit to making our visits quick and from a far. Texting has brought us one step further into the detached world, preventing us from hearing the other persons voice.

Overall Satisfaction

How satisfied with your cell phone are you?

See results


"You can unclick the spelling correction."

Spell Check

The reason for spell check is to be sure a person is spelling their words correctly. When clicking (I), I expect the one letter word to stay and not be replaced by (U) or any other letter and vice versa. I guess until this glitch is improved, the spell check stays on and my send finger slows down long enough to proof read my messages. When speaking into my phone, before sending, I guess I better reach for my glasses and checkout the finished product before results come back from the confused recipient.

Calling 411

This process would be much smoother, if I could only speak with a real person.
This process would be much smoother, if I could only speak with a real person. | Source

Frustrated, Yelling into Phone and Repeating Words

An example of a call to 411 (Information), now that we have automated customer service. Disclaimer: *Names and places have been changed for this example.

411: "What City and State"

Customer: "San Diego, California"

411: "Is San Diego, California, correct? If not, say, go back."


411: "OK, is this residential, business or government?"

Customer: "Residential."

411: " OK. Residential. If this is incorrect, say go back"


411: "OK. say the last name first and then the first."

Customer: "Sanders, Don."

411: " We have a John Sander, on........."

Customer: "No. Go back."

411: " I don't understand. Would you like to go back or continue down the list?"

Customer: " Go back."

411: "OK. What city and state."

And then of course, this goes on way too long. The real person / "customer," will hang-up and walk away, frustrated with the wasted time and unsatisfied service.

Not Just 411 Customers....

These automated customers service jobs are not confined to just 411 calls but have increasingly moved into most companies with customer service, taking jobs away from real personnel and discouraging customer calls.

Calls Received by a Salesperson

Some incoming calls are getting harder and harder to tell whether or not they are real people. I have had the following experience more than twice in my life.

The caller starts their sales pitch in a way that it sounds beyond scripted.

Me: "Is this a real person?"

I hear a little click, not a hang-up but like the caller switching from speaker phone to regular.

The caller: With a slight chuckle, "Why, don't I sound like a real person?"

At first I hesitate with doubt but before I have a chance to answer, he goes back into his sales pitch. Not quite sure I'm speaking with a real person, I try to stump him by throwing in an off the wall question which gives me the proof that I need before hanging-up on the "Automated Voice Call," which sounds like a relative of "Siri"

Share your thoughts on automated customer service.

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    • Carol Reed profile image

      Carol Clarke Reed 2 years ago from Remote

      This has been a strange time to write this article. I had already written this piece and it was already published and featured, yesterday. I just didn't send this out on Facebook or any other place, until later in the day because of a glitch on an edited spelling error. In the mean time, earlier today, I was looking for a picture on my phone while standing outside of a store, when a man walked up to me and said, "Cell phones, got to love them. Earlier I was ready to throw mine."

      I laughed back and we made small talk before we went our separate ways.

      (I guess I'm not the only one that gets the urge to throw her phone.)