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Textile Testing Equipments in Textile Mills.

Updated on February 10, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Use of this Yarn Tester

Use of this Tester.

Universal tester for filament yarns
As the legitimate successor to the legendary Frenzel - Hahn universal testing machines, types I and II, the DYNAFIL ME combines the methods of testing a running yarn at constant extension and testing at constant force in one instrument. This concept, together with a high-temperature heater, yarn delivery rollers operating at up to 1000 m/min, and high-resolution force measuring technology, gives rise to a new dimension in yarn testing in the filament yarn sector. The most important end-user sectors for the DYNAFIL ME are:

1 - Draw-force testing of preoriented (POY) or fully-drawn yarns.

2 - Crimp-contraction testing of textured yarns.

3 - Shrinkage testing.

This test is conducted for man made fibers -

Test No.1 is done to see if the yarn takes the specification set by the buyer or the Industry norms that are to be maintained for end users who buy the yarn.

Test No.2 is done when the yarn is crimped under heat and after crimping if the contraction is as per standards or specifications.

Test No. 3 is carried out to see if the shrinkage of yarn is as per standards.

If any one of the test result is found not as per standards due to faulty processing parameters or machine being defective for further processing than the yarn is marked as sub standard.

This Testing is on Fiber.

VIBROMAT ME Semi-automatic finess tester for single fibres

Whether in association with a tensile test or separate from this, Single Fibre Fineness (count) tests are an important component of every quality control system in man-made fiber production.
The oscillation method normally used in this test is automatically effected in the VIBROMAT ME using acoustic oscillation excitation and optical/electronic amplitude detection.
After each measurement the data are output on an integral screen or - additionally - via a printer and also reported to a connected TESTCONTROL computer with a tensile tester FAFEGRAPH HR or ME.[ Model Code.]

These tests are required for any fiber to find out how fine they are. In case of Man Made fibers the fineness or courseness will affect yarn quality. In case of natural fibers the yarn itself is spun to a lower count to suit the standard.In the case of Man Made Fiber we buy on set fiber fineness with zero tolerence,though (+) or (-) 2 % is allowed as it does not affect yarn quality.

Strength Testing Tester.

This machine can test spun yarns as well as filament untwisted yarns ( Man Made ) a standard length of the yarn is fixed between two clamps and while the top clamp is held firm the bottom clamp goes down pulling the yarn at constant speed and fixed load.As the yarn is pulled till it breaks the machine records the strength of the yarn that was fixed to the machine.This test should be as per specifications of the buyer or industry norms of best mills spinning the same yarn.The machine while testing a spun yarn can also give strength results for various twists.It is the twist or turns per inch of the yarn that gives the strength.Optimum twist gives Optimum strength.

In case of Man Made Yarns there are yarns with out twist ( like in silk ) here the strength of untwisted man made yarn is of atmost importence as it shows the quality of manufacture in all stages,besides the buyer buys quality in the first place.

Critical must Testing Machine.

Semi-automatic Tensile Tester

Any Cotton or Blended yarn manufacturer of any mills need this machine to test yarn spun on the machine from any given period of time and record the same to test quality of yarn spun from shift to shift and day to day as also batch to batch.The test results are taken in a random order or a given time table to know at each point of spinning how the yarn quality is made in the order in which it is programmed by the Quality Control Department.

The Test Results Show the Performence of the Spinning Technologist.

Yarn Board Making Instrument for Grading Spun Yarns with that of ASTM Standard Boards.

Yarn Appearence Standard Boards by ASTM

In order to grade your yarn appearence a standard board is made by ASTM ( American Society for Testing Materials ) which shows how your yarn looks when compared to the standard boards that they supply,by making similar boards in your testing laboratory you can grade it as A B C D for respective counts of yarn you spin. Society


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      Textile Aid 4 years ago

      The above information is useful for all textile industries who needs to be tested of the fibers strength, length as well as durability. This is also informative and important for textile students and learners. We people really appreciated for this, can do a visit to for more about textile fiber and others

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      Gokila M 6 years ago

      These notes really helpul for my assignments