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What Does That Text Mean? The Language of Texting

Updated on January 17, 2009

My Texting Dictionary

Have you ever received a text and have no clue what it means? Have you ever looked at your child's cell phone and can't understand their texts. Well, it has happened to me, so I decided to do a lot of research and compile a list of texting abbreviations for others like yourself to look through to understand those cryptic texts. I hope you find my list useful. If you have anything to add to the list, please leave it in the comments and I will add it.

Numbers & Symbols

<3 = heart, love

101 = beginner

143 = I love you

14324*7 = I love you 24 hours day / 7 days a week

1sth& = first hand

2bctnd = to be continued

2ic = duty

2fs = two finger salute

2g2 = to go to

2g4u = too good for you

2getr = together

2hot4u = too hot for you

2moz = tomorrow

2nite = tonight

2u = to you

404 = clueless

420 = marijuana, pot

4ava = forever

4col = for crying out loud

4ever = forever

4everys = forever yours

4f = for friends

4get = forget

4giv = forgive

4got10 = forgotten

4pla = foreplay

4t = for the

4tnite = for tonight

4tun8 = fortunate

4yeo = for your eyes only

4yi = for your information

6ual = sexual

A - C

Amof = a matter of fact

Abt2 = about to

Adctd2txt = addicted to texting

Adip = another day in paradise

Adn = any day now

Afaic = as far as I am concerned

Afaik = as far as I know

Afaict = as far as I can tell

Afair = as far as I can remember

Afrd = afraid

Aisi = as I see it

Aiw = as it was

Ambw = all my best wishes

Aml = all my love

Ani1 = anyone

Ans = answer

As = another subject

Asafp = as soon as f***ing possible

Asaik = as soon as I know

Asap = as soon as possible

Asslp = asleep

Asaygt = as soon as you get this

Ata2ud = attitude

Atb = all the best

Atm = a** to mouth

Atsl = along the same line

Attn = attention

Avg = average

Awcigo = and where can I get one

Awhfy = are we having fun yet

Ayor = at your own risk

Ayt = are you there

b*d = bastard

B4 = before

B6ual = bisexual

b@r = batter

Ba6 = basics

Bab = baby

Bac = bad a** chick

Baik = boy, am I confused

Balns = balance

Bau = business as usual

Bb4n = bye bye for now

Bbiaf = be back in a few

Bbiam = be back in a minute

Bbq = be back quick

Bbr = burnt beyond repair

Bc = because

Bcnu = be seeing you

Bbta = better

Bfd = big f***ing deal

Bff = best friends forever

Bffeae = best friends for ever and ever

Bhl8 = be home late

Bibo = beer in beer out

Bif = before I forget

Biiteotb = beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Bion = believe it or not

Biz = business or busy

Bj = blow job

Bnwot = brand new without tags

Bod = body

Br@ = brat

Brb = be right back

Bro = brother

Btcabe = burning the candle at both ends

Btbt = been there done that

Btiam = be there in a minute

Btl = better than life

Btt = bored to tears

Bttp = back to the point

Bw/u = be with you

Bwkotl = big wet kiss on the lips

Bwl = busting with laughter

Bykt = but you knew that

Bzar = bizarre

Bzy = busy

Byob = bring your own booze

Brb = be right back

C%dnt = could not

C%l = cool

C2it = see to it

Cd = cross dresser

Chocl@ = chocolate

Cio = check it out or cut it out

Cla$ = class

Clik = click

Cm@tw = catch me at the web

Cmputa = computer

Cn = can

Cofy = coffee

Comb@ = combat

Communic8 = communicate

Cu2day = see you today

Cu2nite = see you tonight

Cuimd = see you in my dreams

Cul8r = see you later

Cunfuz = confuse

Congr@ul8 = congratulate

Craz = crazy

Crbt = crying really big tears

Crs = can’t remember sh*t

Csm = come see me

Ct = city

Cupl = couple

Cw2cu = can’t wait to see you

Cwtcu = can’t wait to see you

Cya = cover you’re a**

D - F

D8 = date

Damhikt = don’t ask me how I know this

Dat = that

Ddaiddais = don’t do as I do, do as I say

Dgt = don’t go there

Dhac = don’t have a clue

Dhyb = don’t hold your breath

Diik = damned if I know

Ditd = down in the dumps

Diy = do it yourself

Dkdc = don’t know, don’t care

Dlaghitm = don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Dm& = demand

Demonstr8n = demonstration

Dntbl8 = don’t be late

Dob = date of birth

Dpoutwycdt = don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today

Dtrt = do the right thing

Dv8 = deviate

Dwpf = divorced white professional female

Dyk = did you know

Ef4t = effort

Enuf = enough

Eom = end of message

Eta = estimated time of arrival

Experens = experience

f%d = food

F2f = face to face or fit to f**k

F8 = fate

Favr = favor

Fbi = I will look into it

Ffr = for future reference

Fitb = fill in the blank

Fl@ = flat

Fo = f**k off

Foaf = friend of a friend

Foto = photo

Ftbomh = from the bottom of my heart

Fwiw = for what its worth

Fu = f**k you

Fud = fear - uncertainty - death

Fya = for your amusement

G - I

g%d = good

G1 = good one

G2p = got to pee

Ga = go ahead or go away

Gal = get a life ; girl

Gbh&kb = great big hugs and kisses back

Gdby = goodbye

Gfn = gone for now

Gg = got game

Giwist = gee I wish I said that

Gj = good job

Gl = good luck

Gmbo = giggling my butt off

Gmta = great minds think alike

Go = go out ; get off

Goi = get over it

Gowi = get on with it

Ggp = gotta go pee

Gr8 = great

Gsus = jesus

Gt2 = get to

Gth = go to hell

Gtsy = glad to see you

Gudnite = goodnight

Gwtl = get with the lingo

h& = hand

H&k = hugs and kisses

H2cus = hope to see you soon

H4u = hot for you

Hago = have a good one

Hamrd = hammered

Hbtu = happy birthday to you

Hhis = hanging head in shame

Hhog = haha only joking

Hhok = haha only kidding

Hhos = haha only serious

Hir = higher

Hoas = hang on a second

Hot4u = hot for you

Hoyew = hanging on your every word

Hpn = happen

Hru = how are you

Hru2d = how are you today

Hth = hope that helps

Hub = head up butt

I12 = I want to

I12cu = I want to see you

Iac = in any case

Iae = in any event

Iam*vin = I am starving

Iay2 = I adore you too

Ibcnu = I be seeing you

Ibtbsts = it’s better to be safe than sorry

Icbw = I could be wrong ; it could be worse

Iccl = I couldn’t care less

Icw2cu = I can’t wait to see you

Idgi = I don’t get it

Idk = I don’t know

Idr = I don’t remember

Idku = I don’t know you

Ig2r = I got to run

I h8u = I hate you

Iirc = if I remember correctly

Iiwm = if it were me

Ijwtk = I just want to know

Ikt = I knew that

Ikwum = I know what you mean

Ilbl8 = I’ll be late

Ilu4e = I love you forever

Iluvum&med = I love you more and more each day

Im@tur = immature

Imao = in my arrogant opinion

Ime = in my experience

Imho = in my honest opinion

Iml = in my life

Imoh = I’m out of here

Imprsn8 = impersonate

Imtng = in a meeting

Imtty = I miss talking to you

Imu2 = I miss you too

Imw = in my world

Imya = I miss you already

In2 = into

Iow = in other words

Iowan2bwu = I only want to be with you

Ir8 = irate

Irl = in real life

Irlu = I really love you

Isiatt = I say / see it all the time

Iss = I say so ; I am so sure

Iswym = I see what you mean

Itm = in the money

Itttt = it take 2 to tango

Ityfir = I think you will find I am right

Itz = it is

Iwsn = I want sex now

Iykwim = if you know what I mean

Iwcus = I will see you soon

J - L

J4f = just for fun

Jfd = just f***king do it

Jic = just in case

Jk = joking ; just kidding

Jlse = jealous

Jm2c = just my 2 cents

Jmo = just in my opinion

Jokn = joking

Jooc = just out of curiosity

Jrne = journey

Jst4u = just for you

Jtlyk = just to let you know

Juc = juicy

Jw = just wondering

K = ok

K9 = dog

Kapbl = capable

Kfy = kiss for you

Kiss = keep it simple stupid

Koc = kiss on cheek

Kol = kiss on lips

Koz = cozy

Kwim = know what I mean

Kypo = keep your pants on

L2l = last to leave

L8r = later

L8rg8r = later gator

L8st = latest

l@u = laughing at you

Labatyd = life’s a bitch then you die

Laq = lame a** quote

Lcke = lucky

Lho = laughing head off

Lhu = lord help us

Libby = life is better because of you

Ljbf = let’s just be friends

Lma = leave me alone

Lmho = laughing my butt off

Lmk = let me know

Lms = let me see

Lmso = laughing my socks off

Loc8 = locate

Lol = lots of laughs

Lthtt = laughing too hard to text

Ltic = laugh till I cry

Ltlyb = love to love you baby

Ltns = long time no see

Lts = laughing to self

Lul = love you lots

Lul2 = love you too

Luvd = loved

Luvn = loving

Luvs = loves

Ly = love you

Lylas = love you like a sister

Lywamh = love you with all my heart

Ly2p = love you to pieces

Lyab = love you as a brother

Lyao = laughing you’re a** off

Luvu = I love you

M - O

m@r = matter

M8s = mates, buddies

May = mad about you

Memre = memory

Met = meet

Mhoty = my hats off to you

Mirra = mirror

Mmd = make my day

Morf = male or female

Mos = mom over shoulder

Moss = member of same sex

Motd = message of the day

Mov = movie

Myn = mine

Myob = mind your own business

N2k = need to know

Nabr = neighbor

Nac = not a clue

Naz = name / address / zip

Nbd = no big deal

Nc = no comment

Nclsd = enclosed

Ncrdbl = incredible

Nethng = anything

Nfw = no f**king way

Ngoc8 = negotiate

Ni = no interest

Nih = not invited here

Nm = nevermind

Nmjc = not much, just chillin

Nmp = not my problem

Nnign = no news is good news

Nob = newbie

Nocem = not seeing them

Notha = another

Noty = no thank you

Noyb = none of your business

Noyz = noise

Nrg = energy

Nrn = not really necessary

Nside = inside

Nssre = necessary

Ntr = enter

Ntwrf = now that was really funny

Nuf = enough

Nxt = next

Nyt = night

O = over

O4u = only for you

Obts = once bitten twice shy

Obtw = oh by the way

Oic = oh I see

Omg = oh my god

On9 = on line

Ootb = brand new, out of the box

Qso = conversation

Ott = over the top

Ottomh = off the top of my head

Ovr8d = overrated

P - S

P*d = pissed

Panb = parents are nearby

Paw = parents are watching

Pdq = pretty darn quick

Pds = please don’t shout

Pimp = pee in my pants

Pita = pain in the a**

Pix = pictures

Plaat = peace love and all that

Plz = please

Pm = private message

Pmbi = pardon my butting in

Po = pissed off

Po$bl = possible

Pov = point of view

Ppl = peed pants laughing ; people

Ptmm = please tell me more

Puks = pick up kids

Qstn = question

Qsl = reply

R8 = rate

Rb@u = right back at you

Rbtl = read between the lines

Rcvd = received

Respx = respect

Resrv8n = reservation

Rip = rest in peace

Rmm = read my mail

Rn = right now

Rntuaqt = aren’t you a cutie

Rotflmao = rolling on floor laughing my a** off

Rotm = right on the money

Rs = real soon

Rstrnt = restaurant

Rtfm = read the f**king message

Rtfp = read the fine print

Ruf2c = are you free to chat

Ruf2t = are you free to talk

Rumf = are you male or female

Ruok = are you ok

S%n = soon

S2bx = soon to be ex

S@rda = saturday

Scape = leafless flower stalk

Sete = smiling ear to ear

Sexc = sexy

Sh = sh*t happens

Sh%d = should

Sh2m = sh*t happened to me

Shtsi = someone had to say it

Sis = sister

Slt = see last text

Smexy = very sexy

Smf = so much fun

Sml = send me the link

Snd = send

s&g = sh*ts and giggles

Sob = stressed out big time

Soh = sense of humor

Soky = it’s ok

Some1 = someone

Sop = sex on phone / premises

SorG = straight or gay

Sot = short of time

Sotmg = short of time must go

Spk2ul8r = speak to you later

Ssdd = same stuff different day

Ssia = subject says it all

Sted = location

Stys = speak to you soon

Suyf = shut up you fool

Swag = stupid wild a** guess

Swak = sealed / sent with a kiss

Sx = sex

Sxa = sex appeal

Sys = see you soon

T - V

t+ = think positive

T2ul = talk to you later

T4luk = thanks for letting us know

Ta = at, from, the

Tah = take a hike

Tat2 = tattoo

Tbasap = text back as soon as possible

Tcoy = take care of yourself

Tctac = two’s company three is a crowd

Tdtm = talk dirty to me

Tftfy = there, fix that for you

Tgig = thank god it’s friday

Thanq = thank you

Thnx = thanks

Ti2g = time to go

Tia = thanks in advance

Tilii = tell it like it is

Tlc = tender loving care

Tlk = talk

Tmi = too much info

Tna = tits and a**

Tntl = trying not to laugh

Tnx = thanks

Tobg = this ought to be good

Tou = thinking of you

Toy = thinking of you

Trdmc = tears running down my cheeks

Ts = totally stinks

Tsr = totally stupid rules

Ttfn = ta-ta for now

Ttksf = trying to keep straight face

Tttt = to tell you the truth

Ttul = talk to you later

Ttyl = talk to you later

Tuvm = thank you very much

Tw@ = twat

Twd = texting while driving

Twfw = too weird for words

Twot = total waste of time

Un4gtebl = unforgettable

Un4tun8 = unfortunate

Undrst& = understand

Unpl& = unplanned

Uom = you owe me

Uombt = you owe me big time

Upd8 = update

Uraqt = you are a cutie

Urda14me = you are the one for me

Urgr8 = you are great

Urspshl = you are special

Utlkn2me = you talking to me

Uz = use

Vmail = voicemail

W - Z

W%nt = wouldn’t

W/ = with

W/o = without

W4u = waiting for you

W8 = wait

W84m = wait for me

W8u = wait up

Wateve = whatever

Watz = what is

Wb = welcome back

Wc = with customer

Wchevr = whichever

Wdymbt = what do you mean by that

Wdyt = what do you think

Weg = away

Wfm = works for me

Woot = congratulations

Wot = waste of time

Wp = with parents

Wru = where are you

Wruw = what are you wearing

Wt = without thinking

Wtf = what the f**k

Wtg = way to go

Wtmi = way too much info

Wum = watch your mouth

Wuu2 = what you up to

Wwyd = what would you do

Wyf = wife

Wyl = while

Wyrn = what’s your real name

Wysiwyg = what you see is what you get

Xd = crossed

Xit = exit

Xmeqk = kiss me quick

Xoxo = hugs and kisses

Xpr$ = express

Xtc = ecstasy

Xxxwrds = rude words

Y3 = details left out

Yx3 = yada yada yada

Yl = young lady

Yoyo = you’re on your own

Yr = yeah right ; year ; your

Yswus = yeah sure whatever you say

Ysyd = yeah sure you do

Ytlkin2me = you talking to me

Ytmob = you turn me on baby

Yw = you are welcome

Ywia = you are welcome in advance

Zzz = sleeping

Comments - Please tell me if you have anything to add to the list.

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    • profile image

      Tony 18 months ago

      If i text someone and they end it up with = what does that mean

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      crona 3 years ago

      What does wz mean

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      Medical marijuana, marijuana dispensaries, 3 years ago

      Great Post.

      For marijuana-

    • profile image

      me 3 years ago

      What does &a mean?

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      cheetahboy 3 years ago

      Someone just text me mum and cn what does that mean

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      What does blog mean 3 years ago

      Very interesting great help

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      What does this mean :-*

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      What does ... Mean at end of text

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      What does :$ mean?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Sorry to say, but yes, I believe it's v****a.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      what does a square and a kiss mean

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      What does iwsn mean

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Its what you use when you makr a mistake Example:cut


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      what does [:] mean???

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hug?

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: :3 is a happy face, like :).

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What does &lt;| mean?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      what does:))( mean


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      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Tounge hanging out. I think...

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What does ":)" mean?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: L,

      Did you ever find out what this symbol stands for in texting

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What does ({}) mean in texting?

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      anonymous 5 years ago


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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What does {()} mean? I know it is probably something that will embarrass me...

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What does :3 mean?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      lol is laughing out loud, not lots of laughs

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I received a text with just a . Then I received a text with just a , lastly I received a text with a * What does each one mean?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      does !7 or !!7 or !!!7 mean anything or are they just mistakes

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      anonymous 5 years ago


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      anonymous 5 years ago

      what does 02-02 mean when received in a text

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have a friend she sent me =O ur here, I wonder what that means

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      just to let u no nikki was me but my name isn't that its really london nikki's my middle name but that's wat people call me yuwn=why u wanna no or stfu=shut the f*ck up

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      LLs=laugh like sh*t also Lmao=laugh m a** off

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