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iPhone Texting Gloves - Touch Screen Text Messaging Mittens

Updated on August 17, 2014

Have you heard about texting gloves? If you have ever tried to send a text message with gloves on or tried to use any of a smartphones other features while wearing mittens then you will have quickly found they are totally unresponsive. In fact, touch screen texting while wearing anything on your hands in the past was simply not possible as the way the screens are made make it impossible to use any device like the Apple iPhone without removing them first...not great when it is freezing outside.

However, thanks to some innovative companies that may soon be a thing of the past for tech savvy users. High tech iPhone gloves for texting and cell phone users in general have hit the market just in time for the cold winter months! These products allow you to use your mobile phone's touch screen without removing your handwear solving a vexing problem and keeping your hands warm throughout the winter!

There are basically two types of iPhone gloves for text messaging and using touch screen devices. There are the high tech solution which uses conductive materials woven into the fabric itself - very cool in a human/cyborg kind of way - and the new wave of hybrid fingerless options which are also cool but well, it's not melding human and machine so, a little less so.

Cell Phone Texting Gloves For Women

Ladies, there are a wide range of these available in much more interesting and fashionable styles than the men get for their use.

You don't have to be relegated to boring black, brown or grey but can still get all the functionality these offer without having to sacrifice on style.

Capactive Gloves For Men

Guys, you don't have to be left out in the cold either as there is a full range of these capactive cold weather products out there for you too.

Made for our larger hands there are everything from stylish capactive wool gloves for the executive gent which wouldn't look out of place with you stylish winter business attire to skiing and snowboarding mitts so you can keep in touch on the slopes without exposing your hands to the frigid outside temperatures.

Alternatives To High Tech Texting Gloves

There are of course alternative solutions for sending text messages without removing mittens from your hands. For some, those features may seem more gimmicky than useful but there are some tried and true less gimmicky feeling cell phone messaging gloves for men and women which will do the job just as well...without the "oh cool!" factor the others provide.

What alternatives? Well, basically fingerless texting gloves will do the trick too although they will not keep your hands as warm and numb fingers are never fun to text with, they'll do a similar job at a potentially lower price. There are also capactive stylus pens which you use like the old styli on a PDA and the rubberized nib acts just like your fingertips. Some companies also sell capactive 'dots' which you can attach to the fingertip of a covered or uncovered hand and these will also work just as well as touching it with your bare skin.

Why Use Specialist Smartphone Gloves?

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss something like this as being another cool gadget jumping out of the woodwork just in time to pick some pockets just in time for Christmas. However, these are not only incredibly useful for any user of touchscreen devices but they also come with a pretty high cool factor too. I mean, it's like having cybernetic fingers or something!

Whether you want to use these with a Motorola Droid, Blackberry, iPhone or any other type of smartphone, it doesn't matter as they are ideal for either, and they'll work on any other touchscreen gadget just as well. If you are an iPad user you are in luck too, so you can used them as ipad gloves and they will work with bank cash machines, modern gas pumps, self-checkouts or any other device with capacitive touch screen technology. How useful are they though? That's the major question.

Well, consider this. Say you're at a high school football match in the middle of January, sitting up in the stands freezing your buns off in the bleachers. Hey, maybe you're not even into the game, but anyway, you're there and you're freezing wrapped snug in all your winter gear. Your best friend keeps sending you messages you so you're constantly texting back...and now you're not wearing any hand protection and your hands are turning blue! Or, you could be wearing a nice pair of conductive texting gloves and you'll be toasty warm! Or closer to it anyway.

That's one scenario. Even if you're not a text messaging fanatic there are so many features of a touch screen phone you can't use without removing your handwear. You can't even answer an iPhone without physical skin to glass contact or at least tricking it into thinking it is getting real human fingers and not something else. How many people have missed calls because of fumbling around to remove handwear to answer a call? A lot I bet, and then you've got to hold it to your ear with that cold hand when it would have been so much easier to leave the mittens on in the first place!

High tech smartphone gloves for touch screen mobile phones make sense on a number of levels and they make great gifts too. Got a text messaging teen in your household? A stylish pair of mobile phone gloves for teens are ideal and they're cool too. Need to find a useful and unique gift for the gadget lover in your life? What could be better than the one top selling tech gadget accessory they don't have for their digital devices! Geez, just about anyone who owns a touch screen mobile and ever leaves the house in cold weather can use these.


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