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Thailand Phone Cards - Calling Cards To Thailand

Updated on November 11, 2008
Thailand National Flag
Thailand National Flag

The Best Phone Cards To Call Thailand

I telephone Thailand almost on a daily basis. Sure I can use my computer with all sorts of VOIP services. But to be honest not everyone in Thailand uses a computer. And people in Thailand prefer to communicate by mobile phone since everyone practically owns one.

Now this isn't just my opinion. I have a lot of friends and business contacts who live in Thailand. And they are absolutely inseparable from their mobile phones.

So why use phone cards?

Phone cards are a cheaper alternative to using a traditional land line company's international rates.

Plus you can better budget your spending by purchasing a phone card with a predetermined rate.

Since most people these days prefer to use their personal mobile phones these days, phone card rates are way better then mobile phone carrier's international rates.

Nobelcom Phone Cards

If you call a land line in Thailand often then I really recommend that you use Nobelcom's Hello Thailand. They are a very solid company with a great reputation in the industry.

Their helpful toll free customer service is very friendly and the response time is quick.

How do I know that Nobelcom is a good company?

Because I'm a customer. I have been using Nobelcom now for five months. Need some proof? There is a YouTube video showing me logging on to my Nobelcom account page below.

Nobelcom's Hello Thailand Phone Card

Watch Me Log Into My Nobelcom Account

Calling A Mobile Number - Read This First

When I was doing research on phone card companies I came upon a common complaint that most phone card users made on forums.

They complain that their phone card's airtime seems to disappear very fast and they could not explain it. I eventually found out that the main reason why their phone card was being wiped out so fast was because they were calling cell phones.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that when people see a good low call per minute rate on a phone card they just go ahead and buy it. They don't read the fine print.

You see the face value on a phone card is based on calling a land line. Not a cell phone.

So if you know you will be calling a cell phone specifically, than I would suggest you purchase a phone card for calling a mobile phone number only.

Believe me, there are phone card companies that charge 1¢ for calling a land line but the price goes up to 3.2¢ for calling a mobile line.

For calling a mobile phone in Thailand I recommend the card below. You can purchase it at Nobelcom. The 1.2¢ call per minute rate to a mobile phone in Thailand is offer is pretty good and reliable. To check out Nobelcom's website you can find there link above.

Nobelcom's Hello Thailand For Calling Mobile Phones

Speedy Pin's Phone Cards To Call Thailand

Here is another solid phone card company that I highly recommend. Speedy Pin has the most types of phone cards to call Thailand (as seen below). But there are a few things you should know before you purchase a card from them.

Notice the first three cards have the lowest call per minute rates as seen in the first column. You will also notice that there is a .69¢ weekly fee (this fee is charged weekly and deducted off your phone card's credit).

Now take a look at the last three phone cards. Those have higher call per minute rates but no fees.

The rates on the third column are for calling mobile phones.

So which phone card should you choose?

Well it all comes down to how long and often you will making your phone calls to Thailand. So for example if you are planning that romantic getaway in Phuket Thailand and you want to cofirm all your reservations, then I would suggest you get the first card. Why?

Because if you finish up that phone card within the week you will have avoided the .69¢ weekly fee.

But if you will be making calls through out the month then should get a card with no weekly maintenance fee.

Speedy Pin also takes your credit card purchases seriously as well. And you will only be able to complete your phone card order when your identity has been confirmed.

You can also watch me log into my Speedy Pin account by watching the video below. This will show you that I am also a satisfied customer.

Speedy Pin Phone Card Rates To Call Thailand

Watch Me Log Into My Speedy Pin Account

Have you used any of these phone cards before?

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    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 5 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Hi livingabroad, check out nobelcoms website, they do provide a selection of card calling from UK to Thai.

    • livingabroad profile image

      livingabroad 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      Useful information. Do you know any calling cards you can use from the UK?