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Why Have A Cable Internet?

Updated on April 1, 2016

Cable Internet is an entertainment operating system which provides millions of homes across America access to a wide variety of news, information, sports and entertainment. Whether you are into NFL, NBA or the NHL, country, R&B or rock music, or if you like blockbuster movies of HBO, reality shows, there are cable channels for every imaginable thing you can think up.

Cable internet has revolutionized access to information and entertainment. Every member of the family is somehow drawn to the hypnotic vibes of the internet cable. For example, the adults of the home may use cable internet to access information regarding new careers, teenagers may access friends on social media and small siblings may access the internet to play games and do other fun activities.

This monster called cable internet is a 24 hour window into the entire world. Every significant event or major incident, issue or event will be well known by millions in a matter of seconds. Viewers from all around the world will have a conversation regarding a developing event. Cable internet is an all-powerful form of modern communication and networking.

We can all agree that millions of homes in America are subscribers of cable internet. I have been an avid owner of cable internet and have witnessed its growth and popularity as an internet entertainment system for nearly a decade. Downloads times have 10 times faster than in the beginning and continues to grow almost yearly. In fact, recent cable internet services offer downloads speeds up to 105MBps. One cable service in Minnesota boasted that its service can download an entire movie in 2 seconds. Nevertheless Cable internet has its pros and cons when it comes to its impact on families and the outside world:

Pros of Cable Internet

On the pros side, the system can offer:

  • Solutions to problems
  • Knowledge & Information
  • Variety of games and Entertainment
  • Marketing & New working opportunities
  • Love & Romance via chat and dating sites
  • Wealth making opportunities
  • Fame and popularity opportunities

Cons of Cable Internet

On the Cons side, misuse of the system can lead to:

  • Financial problems
  • Relationships problems
  • Poor health
  • Emotional challenges
  • Weight problems
  • Stress & Worry
  • Lack of purpose and vision
  • Laziness & Avoidance


General Cable Internet Package Deals

Basic cable channels, sports, movies
$49.00 per. Month
200 channels, HBO, Sports, On Demand
$79.00 per. Month
300 channels, HBO, Hallmark, On Demand, Specialty Newworks
&105.00 per. Month

As you can see, whether your cable internet experience leads to a blessing or curse depends on the motive and the frequency in which you use cable internet. On the pros side, families can organize time schedules for each family member to utilize the system. Or the entire family can gather together in the living room and stream blockbuster movies or special programs for all to enjoy.

However, cable internet is not only for entertainment purposes. Searching for information and knowledge is a God send for someone who needs data on new business ventures and trends occurring in his niche. In addition, besides providing an option for a variety of entertainment for the family, the system provides great networking opportunities. Social Media sites such as face book, twitter, Link In and Pin interest open up options for marketing products and services.

User Curse

The cons side of cable internet originates from ignorance as well as activities of misuse. For instance, cable internet is full of con artist waiting to take your money every moment. Year after year millions of users are tricked out of billions of dollars by fake websites, services and products. If you are not watchful in regards to your personal information and money, you can easily become a victim, resulting in massive financial problems.

In addition, obsession with cable internet can lead to health problems, including obesity, emotional & psychological challenges, laziness and avoidance. When families spend 24 hours a day at the internet with exercise or movement, the chances of encountering health problems is high. Weight gain becomes a problem when we eat and refuse to burn off calories. Things don’t get down when we neglect to take care of important business. We avoid the discomfort and uneasiness of facing needed challenges when we are obsessed with cable internet. So you see that the misuse of this magnificent system can lead to many problems.

Internet vs. Regular T.V.

Do You Prefer Cable Internet to Regular T.V.

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Conquer the World

Nevertheless, cable internet is a wonderful investment for conquering the world of information and entertainment. You can get satellite internet but bad weather will be your enemy and your local channels will likely change. Cable internet can bring hours of fun to families who need to build more togetherness and intimacy among one another. It can instantly bring distant friends in contact with one another. Businesses people can gain access a web of networking and marketing opportunities. Cable Internet is an ever growing phenomenon that will continue to evolve future generations.

Cost of Cable Internet

The price of investing in Cable internet depends on the entertainment package you choose. Prices range from $49 for starters to $120 a month for the full package in addition to other benefits and incentives. Contact or visit your local cable service for information and connection


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