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The 10 Worst PC Products Of H1 2008

Updated on March 20, 2011

As we reach the middle of the year, we can affectionately look back at the product introductions since New Year's Day and are able to sort the chaff from the wheat. Every year brings its share of technological turkeys and this one is certainly no different. With the ever increasing pace of product introductions and shortening of product cycles, this may be one of the worst year half points since Intel's Pentium Floating Point Crash & Burn in 1994. Let's sort out the PC Hall Of Shame for the first half of 2008 to see just how inept highly paid Tech CEOs can be:

1. Everything from AMD-ATI with the exception of the last-minute Radeon HD 48xx series. Other than this brief shining moment, AMD-ATI has undergone the first two quarters from hell, and just a precursory summary of its failures, screw-ups, and outright disasters would fill a book.

Aaaarrgggh! How could so much junk come out in just six months?
Aaaarrgggh! How could so much junk come out in just six months?

2. The Asus Eee PC 1000H proves once and for all that someone at the marketing department of Asus has been indulging some really mindblowing narcotics in order to price their "universal, ultra-low budget, entry-level laptop" at a price point that is hundreds of dollars higher than many fully capable brand name laptops.

3. Low Priced Big Flat Screens. Sure, you can pick up a gargantuan 28" flat screen monitor for just barely $500, but that gets you a HannsG 28-inch HG281D or one of its relabeled versions such as I-Inc which are little more than hacked together LCD TVs and sure look like it.

4. The P45 and X48 Chipsets. And the reason I should toss my current motherboard and buy one based on these "new and improved" chipsets just so I can have it rendered as obsolete as a Pentium I 75 MHz by Nehalem's release in a few months is...???

5. DDR3 RAM. Sure, Nehalem will require it, but right now it's nothing more than a ridiculously overpriced toy that does nothing that any sane computer user needs.

6. Hybrid Hard Drives. They cost way too much and offer no real performance boost under the Vista OS which promised quantum leaps through solid state technology. Lunchbag Letdown.

7. SSD Drives. They cost way too much and offer no real performance boost under the Vista OS which... er... is there an echo in here?

8. The PC Power & Cooling 500W Silencer Power Supply Unit turned out to be not only short of 500 watts, but also anything but silent. A real black eye for a company with a solid reputation as producing some of the finest PSUs available.

9. The Dormant OS X. Sure Snow Leopard will be out soon and it's about as exciting a prospect as taking bets on Steve Jobs next wardrobe change. Apple has only capitalized on Vista's massive woes in their TV commercials. Don't forget the Mac on your rush to iPhone the world, willya Steve?

10. Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. At a time when Linux could finally prove to the computing universe that there is a valid reason to reformat their Vista drives, all Hardy Heron could provide was a minor feature massage. 8.10 Intrepid Ibex had better be the coup de grace that Ubuntu needs, or it will just remain a footnote in OS history.


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