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The 5 Reasons Apple Watches are Soaring In Popularity.

Updated on January 4, 2017

Apple Watches are Becoming Commonplace the World Over

Apple watches are the best selling smartwatch brand today. I.D.C reports that a massive 1.5 million units were sold in the first quarter of 2016 alone. The same reports indicates that the Apple Smart watch controlled up to 46 percent of the market. This is amazing, right?

But have you ever thought of the key elements that have catapulted Apple brand to the top of the sales funnel? Is it the wow factor that comes with high technology gadgets? Or is it the high price tag on the gadget that influenced their buying decisions?

This guide explores the key selling points that have made Apple an authority brand in the smart watch industry. Read on.

A Little Background to the Apple Smart Watch Brand

Apple smartwatches have a rather fluttering history . The journey to creating an Apple smart watch probably started back in the year 2002 when Apple's Chief designer made orders for then high flying Nike watches. These must have been used as the study materials as the designers at Apple went around creating a watch would outrank all other watches on the market.

The first Apple smart watch was unveiled in September of 2014 by Apple's C.E Tim Cook.There were three versions that Apple lovers and tech enthusiasts could choose from. These were:

  • The Apple Watch Sport version,
  • The Apple Watch Edition version
  • The ordinary Apple watch edition.

Since the production of the first Apple smartwatch, Apple has made major strides to refine the watch to something the world can't wait to get hold off.

Different versions of the smartphone have had different names. The earliest version was called the iWatch before being renamed to iTime. Today's Apple watch is so advanced that it could be used in place of car keys.

How the Apple Smartwatch Differs from Your Everyday Smartwatch

There are tens of other smartwatch brands yet user's have continued to show their love for Apple's timepiece. What makes it unique? Here are five elements that stand out in Apple smartwatches.

1. Revolutionary technology

Few watch models can match up the high technology used in Apple watches. These include wireless connectivity that makes it to possible and easy to connect your Apple smart watch to your iPhone.Couple this with a dual-core S2 chip and you have a powerful device right on your wrist.

2. Light weight

Apple leverages on compression-molded perforations to reduce the overall weight the watch exerts on your hand. The perforations also serve to improve ventilation.

3. Quality materials

Despite the fact that the wristband is perforated, it is in no way weakened. The material are soft on hand, of quality texture and are durable.

4. Nicely fitting watch bands

Unlike most of other watch models that require cutting off some parts or pieces of the watch bands, Apple watch bands an easy fit owing to the material used to make the watch. You don't have to worry of loosing their watch as they grow older.

Comparison of features for Apple Watch Variants

Watch variant
Compatibility to iPhone
1. Apple Watch Sport
2. Apple watch
3. Apple Watch Hermès
4. Apple Watch Edition

Bottom line

If you are a tech enthusiast but haven't known what makes Apple watches tickle, this article offers a preview to this. Explore and learn the future of smart watches.


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