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The 5 Worst Types of Facebook Users You Can Encounter in your Life

Updated on July 7, 2017
Facebook's mission is to connect people of every part of the world. Starting from an university social network, it is now one of the most visited websites of the planet.
Facebook's mission is to connect people of every part of the world. Starting from an university social network, it is now one of the most visited websites of the planet.

Facebook is one of the most interesting creations you can find: this website, starting from an university, has become one of the most visited ones of the world, being able to connect as many people of the world as possible. Through a profile users are able to update status, share photos and videos, keep in touch with friends and new contacts and even having groups or business pages. Facebook changed everybody's life, while human nature still remains the same: you can find really crazy people on the popular social network, but the problem is not caused by Mark Zuckerberg's creature: there are crazy people in the world, Facebook is just an additional tool used by these one to get themselves noticed. Everyone knows there can be really boring and upsetting people on the blue social network. Let's analyze some of the most frequent cases you can encounter during your virtual life on the social network.

People Sending Multiple Friendship Requests

And What About...

those who add you to your friends, then remove friendship... and then ask for it in the future, by doing this joke many times? They are typical example of people who add contacts just in order to make number, without caring about who they add.

This button may save you!
This button may save you!

This may be a really upsetting situation: you receive a friendship request and, for some reasons, you are not going to accept it: you have too many friends (especially when you are near the 5000 hit, you tend to become more selective when it comes to accepting new requests), you only want to keep strict contacts on your profile, you think the dude asking for your friendship may be a fake... or you just do not like their profile at a first glance! Whatever is the reason, you are going to deny friendship request... then days pass and... the user sends another friendship request! You are going to deny it another time, maybe by also marking request as spam, so the user cannot send it another time (also blocking may be an option if you do not care about the fact the user will not be able to search for you anymore). The basic question is: why people keep sending friendship request multiple time after it has been refused? They should understand they are not going to get something from this behaviour. It may happen with guys who send mass requests to suggested people (as they may forget the fact you have already refused their friendship, so they send you another request), but if the user is not compulsively adding people in little time, this explanation is not valid: there are still people who insist on being in touch with you even if you do not want this.

Facebook as a way to meet new people
Facebook as a way to stay in touch with strict friends
Attitude to Friendship Requests
Users are more willing to accept new friendship requests
Users just want to keep their strict friends
Posts Privacy
Posts are usually public
Posts are usually private and visible only to friends
Type of Posts
Profile mainly used to say something to the entire world
Profile mainly used to share private photos and facts among a strict circle
Two complete opposite ways of using Facebook (there are obviously middle ways)

People Sending Too Many Game Requests

Do you play Facebook games?

See results

This is one of the most upsetting category of Facebook users you can find in your social networking experience. You are trying to realize if these users have a real life outside the Mark Zuckerberg's creature or not, but the real thing you are going to ask yourself is: how can these users be unable to understand the fact sending so much requests may be upsetting for other people? Is really a Candy Crush Saga extra life more important than their reputation among their friends? Maybe the answer is: yes. That is really sad!

People Who Are in Love With You (on Facebook)

Some people are hard to understand the true meaning of "love", which is a strong feeling that usually starts after having known a person for a long time (sometimes it starts at a first glance, but what is sure, the two parts still need to know each other a little). Sending "love requests" like

Hey do you want to be my boy/girlfriend

— (no, this is not from Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" song)

to the first Facebook user you have among your friendships, then sending it to another random user after having been refused, is not exactly the idea of "love". Anyway there are really people who are limited to the social network world. Also in this case, really a sad fact!

People Asking for Hot Photos or Sex

No need to comment about people who use Facebook as a hot platform. In these cases, reporting the private message is the best option: Facebook does not allow people to send unsolicited sexual requests to other users, as being on the social network means "wanting to connect with people", not exactly "wanting to let out sexual instincts".


I am not talking about those who pass all the night on your profile by viewing your photos uploaded on 2004 (without counting accidental likes): I am talking about serious stalkers, those who harass you, maybe even with other profiles in case you decide to block them... sometimes these people get reported and legal issue may be started against them: at the end, Facebook is just like real life, so everyone should pay the consequences of their actions!


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