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The 66 Audio BTS+ and JayBird BlueBuds X: Two Awesome Pairs of Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Updated on February 15, 2015

Many people use Bluetooth headphones for running, whether they run outdoors amidst nature and traffic or indoors on machines or in their homes. For those people, here are two sets of headphones — one on-the-ear and one over-the-ear — guaranteed to make you happy.

66 Audio BTS+

On-ear headphones are usually large, bulky, and heavy. Not these bad boys. The 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth headphones are perfectly lightweight, and they accommodate your ears nicely.

They come with a headband that you wear around your neck, and, when you run, they stay in place with almost no jiggling around. They may even stay on if you trip or tumble while running. These headphones are also incredibly durable, so, even if you trip or fall, they won’t suffer much damage.

They’re also sweat-resistant, which is nice for obvious reasons. However, they’re also great for avid runners that take to the streets in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, or hurricane. That’s additionally important because the headphones contain the buttons for volume adjustment, switching music, and accepting calls. If you like to talk while you run, they also contain a microphone.

They’re also great for connecting to your phone or music device. The initial pairing between them and your device takes a little bit, but, once you have them set up, they automatically pair with your device each time you power them on.

Furthermore, one problem that many Bluetooth headphones show is a lack of quality the farther they are from the device. The 66 Audio BTS+ headphones work great from 30 feet away (and sometimes 40) without any interruption, signal disruption, or decrease in the quality of the music. And they do this through a good 20 hours of playing time, too. If you don’t use them, they will standby for up to 400 hours depending on the charge.

Of course, some of you are wondering about the main feature of almost any pair of headphones — the sound quality. Here’s a one word answer: awesome. There’s a strong range of sound and the treble and bass are nicely blended together. Since this is an on-the-ear set, the headphones also have decent noise-canceling ability. They’re great if you want to tune out the rest of the gym or the traffic. Just be careful to check for cars before you cross streets, though.

All told, these are a great set of headphones that will work perfectly for just about any running environment, and they won’t leave you broke either.

JayBird BlueBuds X

For the runners that enjoy having earbuds, the JayBird BlueBuds X are a great set of sweet, tune playing headphones.

They’re not exactly designed like a regular set of earbuds, and that’s mainly due to a cord that attaches to them and rest behind the neck. This is a nice feature because, if they earbuds do pop out while you’re running, you won’t have to worry about losing them in a grassy field or a storm drain. The cord also houses the built-in remote that allows you to adjust tracks, change volume, and answer (or ignore) calls. And, since they’re sweat-resistant, they’re also great at handling the rain. Although, you shouldn't wear them in the shower.

Because they’re smaller, they only offer eight hours of playing time and 250 hours for standing by. On the plus side, the earbuds have a voice feature (named Jenna) who will tell you whether or not your earbuds are connected and how much battery time they have left before they shut down.

However, they’re great for running without a device attached directly to your hip. During tests, the earbuds were able to play music from a device that was a few rooms away, which is wonderful if you want to charge your phone but still run on a treadmill. Not only that, but the music is just as crisp and clear as you could expect from a pair of earbuds. Like the set above, the bass and treble blend almost seamlessly. It’s nice when so many other earbuds tend to be heavy on the bass.

Overall, if you need a set of Bluetooth headphones for running, you can’t go wrong with these.


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