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The 7 Funniest Viral Videos

Updated on March 22, 2015

We all love to laugh and for many of us, we turn to the internet to find a dose of funny stuff. All too often it is the viral videos that really get us laughing. So if you want to be ROFL (rolling on the floor, laughing), then go ahead and check out our list of the funniest viral videos.

1. Rickroll

Poor Rick Astley. People used his music video for his 80s hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” for the bait and switch links and videos that spread around a few years back.

2. David After the Dentist

We all know the effects of laughing gas or local anesthesia on dental patients, but it reached its glory when the video of a kid going loopy after getting a dental procedure went viral. Uploaded in 2009, it has now reached over 128 million views!

And just in case you're wondering about the other funny aftereffects of teeth extraction, here's a neat infographic that discusses just that!

3. Dramatic Chipmunk

This is the shortest video clip on this list but it’s already a classic. Combined with the suspenseful music, the chipmunk looks like an actor from a soap opera scene.

4. JK Wedding Entrance Dance

We’ve all seen or at least heard of crazy wedding ceremonies, but this one went viral. When Kevin and Jill planned their wedding, together with their entourage, they did a crazy dance instead of the usual solemn walk down the aisle.

5. The Keyboard Cat

Any video with a cat is almost guaranteed to be a hit. This one hit the big time when it was uploaded in 2007. It now has over 39 million views.

6. Charlie Bit My Finger

Nothing could be funnier than hearing the words, “Charlie bit me!”. These boys have grown by now but their 2007 video has already garnered over 800 million views!

7. Will It Blend?

“Will it blend? That is the question.” That’s the question being asked by Tom Dickson at the start of his videos for Blendtec. It may be a marketing campaign, but the videos are definitely interesting and funny.

Can you make your own funny video go viral?

I believe the key for a video going viral is its uniqueness. If it’s original, something nobody has done before, it’s sure to get a lot of views. If you can make it really funny, then it can really go viral.


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