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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter

Updated on May 29, 2017
Twitter Logo
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Twitter is an online community, a social networking site, where people can share their views and thoughts, in the form of tweets, with the world. Today, it has about a billion registered users and millions of people tweeting their thoughts every day, actively. According to Twitter's website, it has about 313 million active users per month. It supports 40 plus languages and around 79% of the accounts on Twitter are from outside the United States.

Whatever it may be, you will always find people tweeting about the latest issues. Even when an earthquake strikes, you would first find the news on Twitter. That's how famous and popular it has become.

This article discusses all the benefits and drawbacks of Twitter.

To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

— Twitter's Mission

Advantages of Twitter

Free Access to Users

Twitter provides free access to users like many other social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Although these days it has some paid services, it is up to the users to choose those services. You can start your account within seconds and start tweeting right away.

Easy to Use

Using Twitter is user-friendly, and there is a mobile application too that is very easy to understand and use, like the website. You can be creative and use images, gifs, etc. to post content on your Twitter page.

It is a very basic platform, which makes it appealing to users. One does not have to struggle too much understanding buttons here and there.


Follow Your Favorite People

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is immensely popular among famous people, stars, and celebrities. So you can follow them, and get the latest and instant news of what they are doing and you can follow up. You can directly stay connected and even tweet them using this wonderful platform.

High Security

Twitter provides users with high level of security, protecting their users’ personal information. So it is very secure to use.

Advantageous for Business

Twitter provides a platform for any business to communicate with customers and partners, and build a healthy relationship with them by staying in touch. There are already about a billion registered users so you can target a large audience at no cost. You can use hashtags, and make them popular among people.

For example, Starbucks, world’s leading coffee company, uses interesting ways to engage with their followers, with innovative images, tweets, gifs and even hashtags. They even retweet and interact with their followers. With this being said, they now have around 11.9 million followers.

Recently, during Christmas, they started a worldwide debate with the hashtag #merrychristmasstarbucks, due to their controversial red cup for Christmas, which garnered a huge attention.

Starbucks Twitter Page
Starbucks Twitter Page

Disadvantages of Twitter

Here are some drawbacks of Twitter.

Limited Characters Tweet

Yes, you can use only 140 characters in your tweet. This may be tough especially for businesses that would want to share more information. Some say this is a disadvantage, but I would say less is more. One can always get creative. You can also use third-party applications to post more than 140 characters for your tweet.

140 Character Limit
140 Character Limit

Spam Users

There are a lot of fake accounts and even users who would just end up spamming you with irrelevant information.

Uploading Heavy Videos

On the web, Twitter can support mp4 video (H264 format, AAC audio). On mobile apps, it currently supports mp4 and mov video formats. One can upload videos upto only 512 mb with a length of only 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less.

Unnoticed Tweets

According to Internet Live Stats, there are as many as 6000 tweets per second, which corresponds to 500 million tweets per day. With this number of tweets on a daily basis, tweets may get buried quickly and many tweets will be unseen by the audience that it was meant for, depending on the number of accounts a user is following.

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Today, Twitter has become one of the largest social networks on the Internet. Just as everything else, Twitter is not perfect; it has its merits and demerits. Due to its simple structure, Twitter continues to grow in popularity among people.

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