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The Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

Updated on May 27, 2017
Youtube Logo
Youtube Logo | Source


YouTube is a video sharing website that was founded in the year 2005. Today, it has become so popular that everyone, from students to housewives, is using this amazing website sharing and viewing videos. In fact, people are now making and sharing useful content on the website as full-time jobs. People can earn from YouTube as people view the videos and advertisements.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of YouTube.

Advantages of YouTube

It is a great way to set up your own channel and share the content with the world. It provides a platform to engage people in what you want to show.

Free Learning Source

You can learn a variety of things from YouTube, like never before. There are so many tutorials shared on the website, from different food recipes to DIYs. So, one can acquire new skills and discover new things.

You can discover so many new things from YouTube. One can follow YouTubers from all over the world and can be exposed to so many different cultures that they have not been able to experience if not for YouTube. I didn't even know Daylight savings was a thing until I was watching a English Youtuber’s videos. Crazy right?!

Free Sharing of Content

The sharing of content is free of cost. So if one wants to start, they can easily experiment with the website due to this advantage. If you have a website, you can generate video content to go along with it, thus benefitting you.

Association of Google AdSense Account

YouTube allows you to create a new Google AdSense account, in case you do not have one and you can also associate your existing Google AdSense account with your channel allowing you to monetize your videos.

Easy Access on Mobile Phones
Easy Access on Mobile Phones | Source

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Another advantage of YouTube is that one can access it anywhere and anytime. Unlike TV where your favorite shows are broadcasted at set times, on YouTube, the content is available 24x7.

A Place for Everyone

YouTube is a place for everyone. You can find videos that cater to all kinds of audience. From anime & k-pop bands to the niche community of mukbang (which is a popular trend in which the host eats large quantities of food), there is something for everyone.

Access to a Large Audience

YouTube gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and content to a large audience. If the quality of your work is really good and your videos are unique, you can get millions of views on your work.

Showcase your Talent

It is a great platform to showcase your talent. Many YouTubers in different fields have done big projects and gone a long way. Justin Bieber, the popular Canadian popstar, also started his journey from YouTube.

Entertainment for All

YouTube is an entertaining hub. You can find all kinds of videos here: from short skits to animated videos for your amusement.

Disadvantages of YouTube

Like the two faces of a coin, there are some disadvantages too for YouTube. Having said that, YouTube tries its best to overcome its challenges.

Cost for Making Videos

YouTube has become a very competitive market & is turning into a business where each day someone better is coming up with better content than you. To stay relevant and keep up with your peers, there are costs to maintain the quality of your videos like the costs of camera equipment, hiring skilled people such as video editors. You have to splurge from your own pocket until you start earning from YouTube.

Copyright Infringement Issues

YouTube is a public platform, open to all. Anyone can access your content. With growing audience, there could be copyright infringement issues. Also as a YouTuber, the privacy becomes a threat.

Explicit Content

Videos on YouTube can be inappropriate for children. There is violence on some of the videos as well as explicit content is also a common sight.

Rules and Regulations

There are a number of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to, on YouTube which can sometimes pose a threat to the creative expression of a creator.

Constant Access to the Internet

To view the videos, one must have a continuous access to a functional Internet connection. With that you will be unable to view the content.

YouTube is a social networking site for creators to share their video content on. Today it has around 81 million videos (approximately) on the website and has over a billion users. It provides a very user-friendly platform to share one's creativity and thoughts with the world for the same reasons, it has become immensely popular today.

Why do you like to watch YouTube videos?

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    • profile image


      7 months ago

      useful one

    • profile image

      mohana priya 

      7 months ago

      youtube is useful app

    • TheShadowSpecter profile image

      Jason B Truth 

      2 years ago from United States of America

      I wish YouTube would go back to its good old days when people were able to get rich by publishing content on it. So many advertisers have backed out from YouTube that many YouTubers who used to be heavy hitters on YouTube are now e-begging just to make ends meet.


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