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The Apple MacBook and MacBookPro - Why I love Mine, and Why You Should Too : Product Review

Updated on August 7, 2011

My love affair with Apple’s macbooks began a looooong time ago. I have to admit, the reason why I loved the Apple’s macbook was because I loved the Garageband Software. Being someone who loves music and wanted a friendly software to use, Garageband fit my needs oh so perfectly!

Thus when I headed off to college and needed a laptop, my natural choice was to get a laptop - not any other brand, but an Apple Macbook. It’s been 5 years now, and I must say that I totally love my Apple more than ever. I first started out with a white macbook that was 13 inches. Today, I have a Macbook Pro.

While MacBooks might appear rather different compared to Windows computers, they are actually really easy to use and user friendly. Documents and Applications are easier to find and save once you get the hang of it. And Apple has tons of tutorial videos in the Apple homepage, I love watching them, just to discover what cool facts about my Mac I hadn't figured out yet.

GarageBand Add-Ons for All Music Lovers

Up till today, my white macbook is still as reliable as ever, despite the fact that I have downloaded tons of readings, documents, software, applications, games... into. Right now, my father is the one who is using my white Apple macbook since his non-Apple laptop broke down. Right now, I have a macbook pro that I absolutely love.

My new macbook pro is just over one year now, and it is working as perfectly as ever. It does not lag like other computers when I work simultaneously on several essays and presentations.... and I hate to admit that most of the time, I simply put my mac to sleep instead of shutting it down completely.

Yes, Garageband is still inside and I am still loving it, especially when I connect my M-Audio midi controller and my sustain pedal to create music with GarageBand.

One thing that I especially love about my MacbookPro, is it’s durability. I am ashamed to say how I have overworked it, and accidentally knocked it into other furniture (and even the floor!)... but my Apple Macbook Pro is really one tough cookie, and doesn’t give me any problems. The MacBook Pro comes in several sizes, like 13 inches, and 15.4 inches, and 17 inches. With each size, the performance increases. For myself, I find that the 13 inches fits my needs the best.

The MacBook and the MacbookPro are really similar and ideal companions for students and working adults too. I can’t say how many of my office-working colleagues have Macs, and how many more lecturers walk into class with their Apple laptops! It’s amazing. For some queer reason, I have made instant friendships with other mac users just because of our bond over the mac!

Apple’s Mac is especially useful for creative souls. If you use LogicPro, Garageband, iMovie, Adobe Photoshop......... all these creative suites and software, the Mac is designed to perform excellently with these programs, while Windows Users might find that their computers might work slower while using these software.

Although Apple’s Mac does not come with Microsoft in it, Apple does come with iWork, which has Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which are the equivalent of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. iWork is able to open Microsoft documents, and many of my friends who are diehard mac users swear that they have created all their essays using iWork. Many people find, myself included, that Apple’s iWork is a much easier version to use to create documents. Once we get acquainted with iWork interface, many of us prefer not to use Microsoft afterward. It is quite a user friendly and intuitive interface to use.


Here are some of the features of Apple Mac’s that Apple is very proud of

  • long battery life compared to other computer brands (5 - 7 hours depending on the model that you buy)
  • built in camera that is genuinely good for making videos, chatting online. It doesn’t pixelate your face
  • great sound quality with built in stereo speakers
  • a great omnidirectional microphone that has great recording quality. if you are recording meetings, lectures this will be more than sufficient
  • wireless ports that connect you easily and automatically to wireless networks

If you are a student wondering what to get, I’d say an Apple Laptop is the choice. If you get a macbook, that will work great for almost every need. However, if you are in a course that requires much research and storage space and high performance for constant midnight, 3am or 24-hour essay writing endeavors, I’d recommend the MacBookPro straight away.

The only drawback that I can say is that the MacBooks can be a little on the heavy side. The MacBook Air however, is so one laptop that all of my friends who have it rave about whenever an opportunity arises!

Are you a mac fan too? Leave a comment here!


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    • Charlotte B Plum profile image

      Charlotte B Plum 6 years ago

      Hey vocalcoach you are a garageband fan too! Yeah I totally loooove that program. I was really amazed when the macbook pro's in built mic had no white noise at all! of course now that I have so many programs running simultaneously, sometimes I can hear the whirring noise. But garageband is the bomb - i totally love how you put it!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Oh, how I love my mac computer. And my son has the laptop. I also have a PC but prefer the mac all the way around! This is an excellent review. So much valuable info. Garage band is the bomb. For musicians especially it is a must. Thank you for this very good hub review. Will forward to my friends. Voted up, of course. :)

    • Charlotte B Plum profile image

      Charlotte B Plum 6 years ago

      Hey marstoblog!

      thank you so much for dropping by! I too wish the price is lower, but I totally love the product. It lasts and delivers for years - the macbook air is one laptop that my friend has been raving about since she got hers. She brings it with her everywhere! You should really check it out. =)

    • marstoblog profile image

      marstoblog 6 years ago from Hitchin, England

      Thanks, because I'm currently using a PC I built up myself but I've got fed up and always thought of buying a mac. It's a bit more expensive than I'd normally choose, but the macbook Air sounds like it might be worth the investment! good hub!