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The Apple Watch: Do You Need It?

Updated on April 24, 2015

Let's see, we have laptop computers, smartphones, and now a smart watch. I am sorry, maybe I am missing the techie thrill of this. I do not see a REAL need for it, especially at the starting price of around $1000! Even at $400, I see no need. Even at $100, I see no need. What is its purpose, to compliment your smartphone? How? Your smartphone can do everything that this iWatch can do and better. It can do several things the iWatch cannot do. Its physical thickness is steep: stack six quarters and that is how thick the watch is.

For many, the thought of owning a new Apple product was like in the old days when you eagerly awaited the new Beatles LP, and bought it regardless if it was any good. I mean, how could it be? It felt like a guarantee buy. Apple products for many are like this. But, unlike the Beatles, Apple (who stole the Beatles Apple name from their record company), has had several failures in their history because the consumer did not like the product. The Apple Watch, I predict, will be the latest. While the iWatch can be faster than your smartphone, the time difference is seconds. Once you are experienced with the overwhelming learning curve and setup and limited to maybe 40 apps right now, you can dictate a message faster, use emotion icons faster, buying something using Apple Pay, check weather, ask Siri something, taking a selfie, or answering a phone call. You can use it like an iPod for music and bluetooth it into earplugs, check news, time, receive alerts from those you designate.

But you cannot browse the Web, there is no keypad, no way to reply to emails you get in tiny print but you can delete them! The watch does not have a cellular connection, so you still will your smartphone or iPhone to many things to work. Trying to use the Map app is so slow, it is faster to use your phone. The phone can tap into Wi-Fi networks. The watch is not waterproof and after a day in operation, the battery is dead. You can make phone calls using the speaker phone.

The question really comes down to: are you willing to spend this kind of money for something that your smartphone does better, even though, it may take a few seconds more to access them? Do you need another device that diverts your attention? Another device that sends you notifications? The watch only works if your iPhone is a a 5+ and watch is tied to your iphone for many functions and without it, it really is just a nice digital watch.

I could be wrong about its success, but while having a smartphone IS such an improvement over the simple non-smartphones, it is mandatory today. But, the Apple Watch is really just an add-on to what you already own, which is WAY better, even if it takes a few more seconds to use. For me, it's a gimmick to make Apple richer.


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