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The Apple iPad Killer - Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Updated on May 24, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab: An Attractive Feature Rich Alternative for iPads

When the Apple IPad hit the market it caused a tsunami in the electronic communication gadget industry. Yet, many Sci-Fi lovers felt a touch of déjà vu. If you've ever watched Sci-Fi movies and shows such as Star Trek, you’ll remember seeing everyone walk around with a computer pad or tri-corder that would give them instant information. Captain Pickard definitely had a Kindle-like screen to brush up on his Shakespeare. Bones could grab volumes of medical research just to say, "he's dead, Jim", and if you wanted to know anything about anything, just tap a screen or pan over an object. Accessing…

The IPad combined so many different components; it seemed it just might replace the laptop. No one else could possibly come up with a better product, could they? Well, yes. They have.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Introducing The Samsung Galaxy Tab.....

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The seven inch Android pad looks similar in style to their Galaxy cell phone. But that is where the similarity stops. The Galaxy Tab features a 1GHz processor, Wi-Fi / 3G connectivity, dual cameras (one front, one rear), full Flash support plus support for up to 32GB of storage. It also sports a 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution display as an Android 2.2.

But how has that blown the Apple IPad out of the water? Samsung promised the four leading carriers in the US their own version of the Galaxy Tab. So Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T began to market it under their own brand name. Talk about a great marketing strategy. While the price seemed to be a top secret thing at first, Samsung played wise, letting these carriers set their own market value. Finally, Verizon announced it would sell the Galaxy Tab as a contract free item for around $600. Sprint countered that with a $400 version, but only with a two year contract.

The Apple IPad first listed at $499 -$699 and at 1.5 pounds has a screen size of 9.7inches. It has a ten hour battery and comes in varying sizes of 16, 32, and 64GB. It also offers 3G for $130.00 more. The initial draw was that it could run all of the IPhone apps. It offers a camera attachment feature that will allow the import of pictures through an SD connection or by USB. However, it can only run through AT&T's network, which many reviewers believe is the least reliable of the four.

In comparing specs of the two, it is easy to see there's a difference between the Galaxy Tab and the IPad. The Galaxy Tab kills the IPad not only in price but in the camera feature and the size factor.  A seven inch screen fits more neatly in places like briefcases, travel gear, backpacks and in the palm of your hand without compromising the size of the image displayed. Its compatibility with the four major carriers in the US gives it an obvious choice advantage for customers because it increases its marketability by three-fold.

What can you do with a Samsung Galaxy Tab? What can't you do! You can not only E-read, but conduct conference calls with visual screen capability. You can navigate where you are going so you no longer have to drive around in circles pretending you know the way or rely on cell phone GPS systems that glitch out and take forever to upload. That's just for starters.

The real test is speed. With 526 MG in comparison to the IPad's 256MG, the 3G Galaxy Tab smokes past Apple's tablet in web browsing speed. Plus, for 2011 Samsung is introducing a 4G version of the Galaxy Tab which is ten times faster than the original model!

Not only is the Galaxy Tab faster in internet speed, but more responsive as well. Clear imagery and screen navigation is a breeze, as is flipping from one screen to another with no lag. The lightning fast browser helps you get the information you need in no time. Find out facts in a conference or access your PC files and emails. Look up restaurants in an area then preview the menus, book a reservation, and email or Jing it to a friend. No more fumbling with two or three devices or squinting at android sized screens, constantly tapping and repositioning the screen to view images and words on a webpage. No more missed aims with the wand or pinkie fingernail or need for super human dexterity.

It also sports an augmented reality program that shows you where to locate the things you need—like ATM's, restaurants, theaters, shops and more. Simply point and pan the device to pop up icon pointers which overlay the real-time view. Sweet.

Watch out IPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in town and taking over!

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

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