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The Apple iPad: What it is and What it is not

Updated on January 27, 2010

Cutting Edge Technology??

 Hmmm. The rush and excitement is over. Steve Job's finally let the world see Apple's newest release, the iPad.

One can watch the whole demonstration online. Before you rush out to spend at least $500 for this computer tablet, know that this product is really a flashy net aka tablet computer that while it is portable, its 10-inch size screen precludes it from being a pocket computer or even a "net" computer, which have much smaller screens. So, if you are thinking of putting it into a pocket, forget it. The display is 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) with a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash drive using a 1 Ghz chip. Of course, it has Wi-fi, bluetooth. It is a half inch wide and weighs 1.5 lbs.

Apple claims it is the best way to browse the web, see videos, and the most important selling point job's had was, to read a book. Yes, Apple has lined up all of the major book publishers which will sell their stuff via the Apple bookstore, a brother to iTunes. Same principal except with books. Electronic books. Books will range from $10 to $20. As usual, Apple does put some cool user apps on it allowing the user to view in landscape or portrait mode, enlarge any area of a newspaper etc. of a web page. GPS enabled. You can even change the fonts of what you are reading. Of course, send your email using the virtual keypad that is the size of the standard keys. View movies, photos, email, listen to tunes, read electronic publications.

Sorry, but am I only one missing something here? Can't we all do this with the iPhone or other similar ones?  Why would I buy this when it is a "cumbersome" portable computer when compared to the same capability of a Net book or PDA that truly is pocket portable?? The only thing new is a slightly better version in capabilities and an electronic book reader, which is only slightly better than the several others out there, and if you could care less about this, there is even less reason to buy it. Why would you sacrifice true pocket computers for a tablet computer?

Sure, it looks cool. But, its practicality is limited and  many others in the past have tried and failed to sell a tablet computer to the public: Microsoft's, Toshiba, Compaq Tablet PC in 2001, and all failed. Many netbooks, items with identical capabilties sell for less than $300 and are much smaller.

Apple has had its failures in the past and this may be on the same path. I see no reason whatsoever to buy this unless, you do not have a phone with similar capabilities, could care less about real portability, need to have the latest Apple thingy, need to read electronic books. With all the laptops out there, Apple may have lost on this product.



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