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The Apple iPhone Manufacturing Process

Updated on December 16, 2010

Most, no all buyers, of the Apple iphone find out that the item is Made in China because that is what it states on the case or box. Well, it is a little more complex than that.

The Apple iphone is not Made in China, it is really assembled there from parts sent there from many other countries. FYI, 34% of the parts come from Japan, 17% from Germany, 13% from South Korea, 3.6% from China and 27% from numerous other small players in the global economy. As for the U.S., only 6% come from the USA.

This statement really shows what kind of world economy and manufacturing down turn the USA now has-6%! The Apple iphone technology has actually increased US trade deficit by 1.9 BILLION dollars! It gets even more weirder.

The Apple iphone is considered a Chinese export to the USA even though Apple is in California and it was entirely designed in the US. 

The Apple iphone wholesale price is only $179.00, thanks to the Chinese cheap labor at Hon Hai Precision Inc. where the phone is assembled. Apple has sold 11.3 million phones in 2009 alone and this Chinese export is $2 Billion dollars. From this, $121 million is subtracted for Chinese imports for parts made by US firms. This ends up with a 1.9 billion in a Chinese surplus just in Apple iPhones!


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