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The Barbarians from the East and the West are attacking. These barbarians are machines.

Updated on September 19, 2013

These palms do not belong in the Soutwestern American desert

One culture can compliment another. But if a culture secretly overtakes another culture for it's own, there is a problem with loss of culture.
One culture can compliment another. But if a culture secretly overtakes another culture for it's own, there is a problem with loss of culture. | Source

The English language culture will fail to withstand the attacks if we continue to act individually.

The notion and concept of globalization works to mankinds benefit in some cases. It definately does not if it destroys cultures that have interaction with it. We think of small Southeast Asian nations, or tribes in Africa or young people in Russia. These are vulnerable areas to globalization. However the more remote the better for the culture. Medicine and weather reporting need to reach people at risk, But educational material needs to be available for increased knowledge.

But the worry is that the quality of the material is over stuffed with propaganda of whoever supplies the data.

This song just reminds me of this issue. What does quality have to do with it?

Yes we must be tolerant of all peoples and cultures - But-

Must we be tolerant of machine generated writing?

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Western English Culture is being globalized by machines

Did you know that many countries have laws that are designed to keep the culture and integrity of their language intact. France has many such laws. The USA has some laws but they do it by accommodation of other languages in full. We have ballots for voting in many foreign languages. That is good. It protects both languages and immigrant culture.

Many countries demand you speak "their language" to claim any benefits of the country. Protection of a cultures language is important. But, if you are going to venture into business in a foreign land either learn the language or hire and interpreter. Sorry a machine just does not cut it. It seems that we have many on the net using machines to make their English -- yes I meant that the way I said it. Make their English. They do not write or read and do not speak it and so the let a machine make it for them.

Now I am not talking about visitors or tourists. I am speaking of folks trying to do business. And how do I know that the people I speak of are trying to make a living? Because their first paragraph is so stuck full of keywords that it is obvious. If someone were writing like that in order to say something of importance or meaningfully contribute they would be deranged.

Lately there was forum that pointed out the Hub of the day picks. My goodness they were so clearly machine translated and stuffed with keywords and SEO the sentences did not even make any sense at all. So one ponders the question. Does HP use a sister machine to calculate quality of hubs? I think that forum made that point clear that the answer is yes.

Over time even Greek and Latin are translated. And Latin and Aramaic and Sanskrit are dead languages.

Latin, early latin, latin vulgate are sideways evolutions of latin, now the closest is Italian. I love Italian language, but I am glad I studied Latin.
Latin, early latin, latin vulgate are sideways evolutions of latin, now the closest is Italian. I love Italian language, but I am glad I studied Latin. | Source

I was just thinking about Facebook

As a social networking site it makes perfect sense to use computer generated translation. But for business networking? No.

Twitter also comes to mind. How much information is wrong there because it is illiterate. But most who use it business style do well at it.

But randomly generated "tuned titles" are just really wrong, unless you are patient enough to work hard at getting the right one. Or as I think on some they just go to a Title machine" and then what ever comes up they use -- and as we see sometimes they fashion a hub out of it, and sometimes they do not care what follows the title. Or possibly do not really understand what the "translator machine" wrote.

Growing your own roses takes time and effort

Writing your own material takes time and effort.
Writing your own material takes time and effort. | Source

Auto theft

I have no doubt that if you write on hub that is on the first page on a Google search that a good translator machine will pick that up. And add it to it's program of translation. So that when it reads a paragraph of some barely ESL writer that has a certain percentage of the same words it will use your information to fill in the blanks and auto correct. Think about it why wouldn't they?


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      OK Volume II shortly

      "we give thanks for our Theresa, she lifts and pushes to greater love."

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Good Evening Eric. This is a good way to look at Globalization and its impact on Culture. It is not, as you point out, by any means all positive. In many instances we need a common language and a common set of laws, but in as many areas as possible, maintaining one's own individual cultural heritage is an enriching thing.

      Historically, the greatest civilizations and societies have been those who are reasonably open and borrow from all sorts of other cultures and societies. This was too short for me. :) I wanted to read more. :) Sharing. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. ~~Theresa


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