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The Best Apps For Smart Phones

Updated on April 18, 2013

Apps for any smart phone can really make long trips and journeys that little less boring. Discover which apps are the best for your smart phone and enjoy using your new apps today.

The Best Apps?


The Flashlight app adds a handy little feature to any smart phone. Once the app is downloaded, your smart phone will now have a smart, new and very bright light on the back. As most will know, phones are used from time to time for light and having the handy flashlight feature adds charm to the smart phone. Though the flashlight app can be quite bright at times, but you can choose how bright you want and need the light to be.

Short Covers

Short Covers is a bit like Kindle or a Google Play. This app allows you to find your favourite books and read on your smart phone. Short Covers has over ten thousand different short stories, articles and books to choose from so you will never be without a book again. This does take more room with the more books you have stored.

Sleep Cycle App

The Sleep Cycle App is really an alarm clock. Most smart phones have an alarm clock already installed but this app gives a new meaning to alarms. This is less annoying than a regular alarm with soothing chimes to wake you up and easy switch off capability. It costs to download however and you need to be the owner of an iPhone or iPod Touch so not for everyone unfortunately. Though, this doesn’t cost more than $0.99.

Apps for the Kids

If your kids are always playing on your phone, or you just want to keep them occupied, here is a list of some fun free games for them!

Animal Fun

If your kids love animals, then Animal Fun is the app for them. There are animal pictures on the app which says their name and make the animal sound also. This is a great app to help teach the kids about the various new animals and its fun too!

Finger Piano

Finger Piano is not really for younger children but older children would really love this app. You can get this app for free and your children can play the piano to learn or just have fun. Children can follow directions to start to play the piano or just randomly play notes or keys for fun!

Simple Draw

Simple Draw is a great app for anyone who loves drawing. This is an app for all ages really and not just for kids; and its free! It works simply with a touch of a finger and you can draw to your heart’s content.

Adult Apps

Here are some of the best apps for adults who love and need a variety of handy and easy to use apps.

Craft Finder

Craft Finder is a great app for those with a huge interest in arts and craft and this app is free! However, this app has a huge data base of an assortment of craft projects. You can find craft projects for specific age groups and skill levels and this offers great step by step instructions for each project – and there are pictures to help you along the way also.

Google Maps

Everyone needs Google Maps because this is one of the most useful and handy tools to have available. You can find out exactly where you are no matter if you are lost or in need of a little direction. This app is really great and to be honest, for anyone who goes off travelling a lot, this is an app for them!

Online Banking Apps

Online banking has become a huge hit and almost every major bank has their own online banking app. This freely allows you to do your normal banking activities including transferring of money, checking on balances, paying bills and just generally keeping a close eye over your bank accounts. As long as you have a good internet connection, this apps is reliable and works well.

The Phone Tracker

With the Phone Tracker, this allows you to keep track of where your phone is. No matter where your phone is, this app can track it remotely and even lock it which is truly amazing. Losing your phone is something that is done so easily but with the Tracker, it can help to keep track of your phone.

The Bar Code Scanner

With the bar code scanner, this is going to allow your camera to scan any bar codes. This can scan the bar codes of food items, anything really and it can help you to check and compare all prices from various retailers.


If you love to cook and regularly find and use new recipes, this is the app for you. This is going to allow you access to hundreds of recipes for you to try out and they are easy to read on your smart phone. If you are in the middle of cooking and following one of the recipes, the app can be read out loud to you which save on mess and avoid getting sticky fingers on the phone.


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