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The Best Free Apps For Mobile Phones and Devices - Apps For Cell Phones You Shouldn't Live Without

Updated on December 14, 2013

Best Free Apps For Androids, iPhones And iPads

Have you ever been in and emergency or bored to death? Well, if you have the right app you will never have to worry about being rescued. There are apps that will actually diagnose your health symptoms, give your location or make you laugh until you cry.

The way you can find the best free apps for your iPhone is to go to iTunes and see the voted on line-up. The list may change but these are pretty popular and helpful to it's current users.

Of course the best apps for your mobile devices are the one you find the most useful or amusing. They may be your personal bank app, your favorite restaurant app, salon app, translation app or you’re GPS. But here are some fun apps that will keep you from becoming restless and bored on your downtime and may save you in case of an emergency..

15 Best Free Apps for Your Mobile Device

  1. Flipboard is one of the hottest apps out. Once set up you can have access to all of your favorite content in real time. You can connect your social media and emails. You choose what you want to view in magazine style.
  2. GroupMe allows a certain group to connect by text video and picture. Great for families and business partners.
  3. Facebook goes without saying, You can view your Facebook in real time and set communication settings.
  4. Hangouts by Google allow you to video chat on your devices. Can we all say power meeting?
  5. Circle of 6 is an emergency app that sends a preset message to up to 6 of your friends or family for help, It will give your location and send message with 2 taps.
  6. WebMD for Android is a reference medical app that will diagnose and give you local physician information.
  7. Talking Tom is a very funny app with a cat that mimics everything you say. Everything.
  8. FRAGGER is a program that needs you to help kill its enemies. This game is contagious and hard to put down.
  9. YouTube I don't think I need to say much more. Watching videos can make the road trip enjoyable if you’re traveling with a child.
  10. Marine Sharpshooter by XMG with over 3 million download have proven to be one of the best sniper game down loaded today.
  11. SushiGoRound is an excellent memory game to making sushi recipes to empress your guest by helping the chef prepare amazing dishes.
  12. Super Stickman Golf is no golf simulator and can be compared with no other golf game. Play online with others or friends. Get out of jams and freeze plays whenever you like. Incredible way to play golf like never before.
  13. ooVoo is not a game but a iphone 4 enhancement. This app will allow you to video chat with 5 others, instant message and land-line calls.
  14. Angry Birds Rio Free Based on the new family movie and has 6 levels to enjoy. Boy do these birds get agree with being kidnapped and bought back to Rio!
  15. Picture Effect Magic Get some really great effects for you pictures and be happily surprised when you see how many you get to experiment with.

Not So Free Popular Apps For iPhones

  • The Heist Secret missions, should you except will keep things exciting and unforgettable as an secret agent.
  • Angry Birds Dish out a world of hurt with revenge with these angry birds.
  • Tiny Wigs If you have ever wished you could fly here is your chance. Your game surroundings will change for you as well as the adventures when ever you play.
  • Fruit Ninja. This might not sound like much but over 6 millions game sold already! Challenge yourself and receive wisdom from your sensei, fun fruit facts and game upgrades.
  • Angry Birds Rio. Well that's enough said. Base after the movie with everlasting adventures to experience.

I just wanted to ad these bonuses for the Blackberry user. These are apps that are useful and popular. Enjoy!

  • TetherBerry will allow you to connect the Internet from your Blackberry when ever you need Internet service.
  • Shazam - This program will allow you to hold your device up to the speakers and when you set the phone to "tag" will reveal the name of the song.


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