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The 4 Best Apps That Pay You Money for Unlocking Your Phone

Updated on January 30, 2018
Make money on your phone with Fronto, Slidejoy, Perk's Unlock & Win!, and the WHAFF Locker app.
Make money on your phone with Fronto, Slidejoy, Perk's Unlock & Win!, and the WHAFF Locker app.

Highlighting the Best 4 Apps That Pay You Money

How many times throughout the day do you check your phone?

Be honest.

You probably look at your phone at least 50 times every day. If you use it for work, it could be nearly 200 times. Regardless of your lifestyle, like most people in the “civilized” world, you use their phone on a habitual basis. On average, research shows that most people check their phone about 110 times per day.

Let’s face it. This day in age, we use our smartphones more than we drink water.

Now, just imagine if you could earn money for every time you picked up your phone. Would you take up the offer? Most likely you certainly would. In fact, many people are already making money this way and you can too.

There are several apps that you can install on your Android phone to make some easy money. If you search on the Google Play Store, there are well over a dozen unlock apps that have this feature.

To make your decision a little easier, this article will highlight the best apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone. After testing all of the apps and doing some careful comparisons, we have concluded that the best four unlocking apps for making money are: Fronto, Slidejoy, Unlock & Win! by Perk, and WHAFF Locker.

These apps share many similar features; however, there are some minor differences that will be explained in detail below.

All in all, if you want to make some easy money, you should definitely consider installing all of these apps on your phone. They will provide a nice stream of passive income for you every month.

The only drawback is having to swipe right four times whenever you use your phone. However, since it only takes a few extra seconds to do so, it is well worth the financial rewards. You will be earning free money for something you would be doing anyway.

Here are the top four lock screen apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone.

1. Fronto Lock Screen

The Fronto app is certainly one of the best apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone. It is first on the list of the four apps.

With every swipe, Fronto rewards you with a few points. You can exchange the points for real money through Paypal or gift cards. The amount of points that you receive per swipe is hard to determine exactly. However, over time they will accumulate.

You can also also make money by doing daily check-ins, downloading other apps via the Fronto menus, and by doing their scratch and win offers. If you win one of their scratch and win offers, there are large payouts of 2,000 to 150,000 points.

The number of points required to exchange for PayPal cash tends to fluctuate depending on the country you are from and the currency that you are using.

At the time of this review, approximately 5,000 points is equivalent to $1 dollar. In addition, you can also exchange points for Visa Rewards, Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks gift cards.

Another nice feature of the Fronto app is the layout and design. The interface is user-friendly and the ads on the lock screen are generally more engaging than the other lock screen apps. They usually promote products and articles that match your interests.

Also, by swiping left on the ads, you can earn even more points. The app also offers a referral service, so you can easily earn bonus points if you get your friends and other users to sign up.

In sum, Fronto is definitely is worth downloading to your phone. If you add the referral code below after you install Fronto, then you can earn 1,250 bonus points for free.

Fronto Lock Screen App Icon
Fronto Lock Screen App Icon
Fronto Referral Code: 4EASYMONEY
Fronto Referral Code: 4EASYMONEY

2. Slidejoy - Lock Screen Cash

The Slidejoy lock screen app works very much the same way that Fronto does. You earn points (or "carats") every time you slide to unlock your phone. For every 1,000 carats, you can make approximately $1 dollar.

You can cash your points out on PayPal or exchange the points for Amazon or Starbucks gift cards. There are also options to exchange points for Facebook Game Cards, Flower gift cards, gift cards, and more.

Similar to Fronto, you can earn additional points by downloading other apps via the Slidejoy interface and by doing scratch and win offers. When you choose to do the scratch and win, they will show you a short video ad, then you can attempt to scratch for additional carats. Even if you lose, they still reward you 1 carat for the attempt.

In the Slidejoy “Hall of Fame” section of the app, they list the top earners of all time. Plus, there is a continuous news feed of all of the people who have earned money on the app throughout the day. This is further proof that the app is paying people on a timely and regular basis.

Another great benefit of Slidejoy is their referral points system. You can earn an additional 100 carats for every 500 carats that your referred users receive over a 3-month period. As a new Slidejoy user, you can also earn free sign-up points by entering an invitation code.

Click the referral link below, if you are looking for extra points when you install the app.

Slidejoy Lock Screen App Icon
Slidejoy Lock Screen App Icon
Slidejoy Invite Code:
Slidejoy Invite Code:

Unlock & Win! by Perk

Another one of the best apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone is Perk's Unlock & Win!

Perk produces several apps that allow people to earn “Perk” points and exchange the points for real money.

If you browse the Google Play store, you can see the other affiliated apps that they make, such as their quiz app, scratch & win, word games, and others.

Perk’s Unlock & Win! app is unique because it combines many of these app features in one interface. You can earn points by unlocking your phone and additional points by using these alternative methods. For instance, to earn more Perk points, you can complete additional offers, watch slideshows, explore web content, take quick surveys, download apps, and complete other tasks. If you “like” the app on social media, you can accumulate bonus points very quickly.

Similar to the other lock screen apps, you can cash out your points on PayPal or exchange the points for gift cards. With this app, the best exchange per dollar amount seems to be with the gift card options.

On average, you can exchange about 5,000 Perk points for a $5 dollar gift card. In contrast, you need at least 15,000 Perk points for $10 dollars on PayPal.

Fortunately, compared to the other apps, the Perk app has many more gift cards to choose from. For example, you can use your points for Amazon, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Groupon, Playstation, dining, movie gift cards and several others.

One other feature which makes the app stand out from the rest is the lock screen prizes. Every time you unlock your device, you have a chance to instantly win a prize. The more you swipe to unlock, the better your chance of winning something. Prizes include things like gift cards, bonus Perk points, and other products.

If you would like to see the recent prize winners, there is a section on the app menu which lets you see the prizes that are being awarded. Many $25 NFL and Macy’s Gift Cards are won by people using the app on a weekly basis.

Lastly, just like Fronto and Slidejoy, the Unlock & Win! app lets you accumulate bonus Perk points with their referral system. In fact, you can earn up to a $1 dollar per friend using your referral code.

To earn some easy Perk points for yourself when you sign-up, please use my referral code below.

Unlock & Win! App by Perk Icon
Unlock & Win! App by Perk Icon
Perk Points Referral Code: d8df001d
Perk Points Referral Code: d8df001d

4. WHAFF Locker

Last but not least, WHAFF Locker is another app that you can install to make money on your smartphone. Just like the three other apps, you can earn money by simply swiping right on your phone. If you swipe left, you can view the ad content and make more money.

The ads that they present on the app are also generated based on your personal preferences and are somewhat interesting to read. For instance, many of the articles come from the New York Times, Business Insider, and other popular online magazines.

Furthermore, many of the app’s features are similar to Unlock & Win! by Perk. You can earn money by downloading apps and watching videos. Similar to the other apps, you are also able to earn referral points by inviting your friends to use it.

The layout of WHAFF Locker is very attractive, intuitive, and easy to understand. The nice thing about the app is that it indicates the exact amount of money that you have acquired instead of using a points-based system like the other apps do. Because of this, the WHAFF Payout Guide interface makes it very clear how much money you need to accumulate. For example, it will display that you need to earn a minimum of $12 app dollars before you can be awarded a gift card.

You can exchange the app money for real money via PayPal or numerous gift cards, such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Facebook, EA Sports, Blizzard Entertainment, and many more.

It is also currently the only unlock app which lets you exchange money for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Payouts are usually made within 3 business days.

WHAFF Locker is yet another unintrusive lock screen app that can help you generate some passive income. You can download the app on your phone and enter the referral code below to earn bonus money whenever you start to use it.

WHAFF Locker App Icon
WHAFF Locker App Icon
WHAFF Locker Invite Code: IQ01547
WHAFF Locker Invite Code: IQ01547


To sum up, these are four of the best apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone. Fronto, Slidejoy, Unlock & Win by Perk, and WHAFF Locker are far less intrusive and more user-friendly compared to the rest of the completion.

You can easily install all four of them without causing any significant lag or other issues. The extra few seconds that you spend swiping to unlock your phone is well worth the financial benefits that you receive. Getting paid for simply using your phone couldn’t be any easier. It is basically like free money.

Do you have any other apps that you like to use to earn money?

Please leave your comments below if you have any opinions, app recommendations, or alternative methods for earning passive income with your smartphone.

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Tutorial: How to Make Money Unlocking Your Phone


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      13 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Interesting and informative article indeed!

      There is no doubt that we check our smartphones, several times in a day, sometimes even during the nights.

      Thanks for providing this information about useful apps. I would check them out for sure.

      Well presented with pictures and video. Thank You!


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