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Cell phones- The best Cell Companies

Updated on June 23, 2009

Blackberry Phone

Blackberry phone
Blackberry phone

Cell Phone

There are numerous Cell phone companies to choose from. Depending on the type of cell phone coverage you are looking for depends on the type of plan you are looking for. If you are looking for a plan that will recycle your minutes then you will want to go with a plan that has roll over minutes or you will want to find a plan that has unlimited minutes for you each month. Alot of different plans offer alot of different choices to choose from. With each new month a new advancement is made with cell phones and so each new month you may be saying I wish I would have went with that company instead of the company that I went with now. Each new phone has all types of enhancements to make each and every phone better then the phone before it. So far the leading manufactors are the makers of the IPhone and the Blackberry. These appear to be the top cell phones because of what each phone has to offer you.


All the top companies are playing the games to compete for each of our business. I dont want to sway your decision making process cause I have personally had every one of these companies and with each one I have found flaws. With every flaw there is of course a positive also.

If you are a person who texts alot then you will want to have a plan that includes alot of texting to people.

With Sprint you can pay $10 a month and get 1000 messages to text to people.
With Verizon you can pay $10 a month for 500 out of network text messages but with other verizon network subscribers you can text unlimited included in your plan.
With AT&T You can pay $15 dollars for a plan with 1500 text messages and included is video and picture messaging. If you go over that amount of texts you will pay five cents per message.
With TMobile you will pay $9.99 per month for 1000 messages and for just $14.99 you can have unlimited text messages. This would appear to be the best option if you are looking for just texting plans that offer the most.  Or if you have alot of friends inside the Verizon network you may want to choose to subscribe to verizon. Or you could purchase a prepaid verizon phone and then just pay by the day and the amount of minutes you will need. I dont recommend this for someone who uses alot of minutes as it will add up quickly.

Talk Plans:

Individual plans are listed here because family plans change so often you cant keep up.

TMobile: 1000 minutes for $49.99 (this may have increased a little)
Sprint:450 minutes for $49.99 and nextel will be the same price also.
AT&T: 900 minutes for 59.99
AllTel: 1200 minutes for 109.99
Virgin Mobile: 89.99 Unlimited but calling range is limited.
Boost Mobile: 69.99 unlimited but is also limited in range.




I have lots of times been subscribed to multiple lines with each and everyone of these plans and have honestly found that no matter what each one will try to help you if you will need help with a payment by extending your service allowing your phone to continue to work and allowing you to make phone calls and with some instances you will continue to recieve calls even after the phone has been disconnected. I have not asked tmobile for an extention only because at this point I am on the Flex account which means if I dont pay my bill upfront before service starts for that month I do not have service until I pay my bill up front Or I make a payment to my flex account and will pay 20 cents per minute that the phone is being used. I do however like this becuase I have the my faves account and I think this saves me a massive amount of money because I get to talk to each of my favorite 5 as much as I want to and for as long as I want to.

So just be sure to check out the phone plans before you purchase a plan and a phone. You dont want to get stuck with a phone that you dont want or wont want once your service has started.

Unlocked cells

In some instances you can purchase unlocked cell phones thru places like ebay or other sites that sell them and they can be used to activate if you have a already open account with companies like TMobile who use sim cards that can be switched from one phone to another. I know with companies like At&t if there is a bill pending and not paid on one of their phones it is much harder to activate. Usually the bill will have to be paid first before they will actually activate it. There are places on the internet that offer the codes for a small fee to get the unlock code to unlock the cell phone yourself without having to send in to someone to do. There are also usb cables that you can purchase to help with the unlocking of certain phones. I hope you way the options before you purchase one of the unlocked phones. Sometimes that one you can get for free or a small fee is better than one you dish money for and then wont work.


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