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The Best Free iPhone Games

Updated on July 6, 2012

Have you ever been bored in the waiting room and wanted something to pass the time? Have you ever been looking for games to play on your phone but can’t find anything good? Well, here are a list of some of the best games out there.

1. Jetpack Joyride

This is an amazing first player action game. All you have to do is guide Barry through a neverending level dodging zappers and missiles, while picking up a few coins. The game is endless as you can continuously accomplish missions and receive badges for winning. It also boasts numerous upgrades and gadgets that you can purchase with the coins you collect.

2. Temple Run

Temple Run is a fast paced interactive game where you control your adventurer by tilting the phone to move from side to side and tapping the screen to make the character jump. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible and beat the missions supplied. Unlike Jetpack Joyride, this game has a designated amount of levels, but it's pretty difficult to beat.

3. Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a puzzle game where your car is trapped in a parking lot and your goal is figure out a way to the exit. The free version includes 40 levels that get progressively more difficult as you pass them.

4. Logos Quiz

This is a fun game if you are tired of the action games and want to test your knowledge. The game is exactly what it sounds like: a pool of logos with blanks that allow you to guess which company is attached to the appropriate logo. After you guess a certain number correct you will unlock the next level, which includes more obscure logos. It sounds easy, but, be warned, it gets very challenging.

5. Doors

Doors is another puzzle game, but it is a little more interactive than the last two. Your goal is to make your way through the door by figuring out the puzzle that will lead you to the key. You can tilt your phone or move objects on the screen to unlock the door. Each level gets progressively harder, and progressively more fun!

All of the above games are free to download in the iPhone app store. If you have time, check some of them out today!


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    • sethpowers profile image

      sethpowers 5 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks for the comment. These games are addicting!

    • MellyMoo profile image

      MellyMoo 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks. I don't get time to play games but my kids are always looking for new ones!!