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The Best HD Compact Camera With Slow Motion

Updated on February 15, 2012

Care for the Best HD Compact Camera with Slow Motion Video?

You've come to the right place if your searching for a great compact camera that
does excellent still photos, can record in full HD and even does great slow motion video recording.

Let go through a bunch of reasons why this camera is so great:

  • It's a Canon camera which does fantastic still images at 12 Mega Pixels.

  • It can record video in full HD ( 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) .

  • You can zoom and focus while doing video recordings.Most cameras only allow you to zoom and focus before you switch on video recording.

  • Its got a wide angle lens 24mm( This means you can take group pictures from very close up)

  • The camera has a 5x zoom ( which is excellent for a camera of this size)

  • It uses Canons new CMOS sensors ( this means you can take pictures in very low light without a flash).

  • The reviews for this camera are excellent ( Most online camera review sites have
    given this camera a 4 star or more rating.)

  • The camera is a top selling camera on many of the online camera stores. (which means
    basically a lot of people really like this camera)
  • The camera comes with HDMI output ( this means you can connect the camera directly
    to a LCD or LED TV and see your pictures and video in full HD quality)
  • Its extremely thin with the company claiming it to be the worlds thinnest camera having
    features like a 24 mm wide zoom and and 5 x times optical zoom. Yes, there are
    thinner cameras , but not with the above features..
  • What about the audio quality of the video recordings? This camera records sound in full stereo, which is another plus.

  • And a final reason is this camera is being offered at a discount price at the link below.

That rounds up my personal research on this camera and why its an excellent buy..

And yes I almost forgot , here's where you can find The Best HD Compact Camera With Slow Motion Video

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