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List With The Best Headphones 2013 to Consider

Updated on December 28, 2013

We have prepared a list of the best headphones 2013 to help you choose the best headphones for you. This year, there are plenty of great headphones in the market which makes it difficult to choose one. If you are making a purchase soon, read on so that you can make an educated choice.

First on our list of best headphones 2013 is the Pioneer SE-DIR800C. It is definitely one of the best of its kind with its amazing features and excellent sound quality. You do not have to worry about waking your family up when you enjoy an action packed movie or a rocking concert.

This unit is perfect for gaming too. For whatever purposes you may have, nothing comes between you and fun. Using Dolby 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Pro-logic 2 technologies, you get the awesome 3D sound effects. Most of the problems associated with wireless headphones are static noise and frequent interference. The SE-DIR800C brings the best in audio enjoyment by removing such annoyances.

By using technology from Dolby, this unit is able to produce as much as five virtual speakers through stereo headphones. As a result, you get the natural feel of the sound as if they are coming from outside of your head and the ear phones. This way, you get the 5.1 surround sound experience without getting anybody disturbed.

Its wireless transmission can work at distances of up to 26 feet. You can also turn the Dolby feature off if you want to listen in normal earphone mode. This self adjusting head set has 3 different room effects for additional HD aural experience. It also has 3 inputs which are Coaxial Digital, Analog Line in and Optical Digital. With all the amazing things that this unit can do, it is probably one of the best.

Best Headphones 2013
Best Headphones 2013

Another unit that brings the best in ear headphones is the Sennheiser RS 180. It promises to bring sound into reality as if you are at the front row. The package includes an all purpose transmitter that also serves as an easy-charge dock. The RS 180 uses velour pads and high quality head cushions for ultimate comfort, allowing you to endure marathons.

It uses the “open air” system to bring the most natural acoustic effects. It also features the Automatic Level Control which makes dialogue more audible. This audio technology is capable of compensating discrepancies in volume levels. Adjust the loudness until you are comfortable and let the ALC tweak every detail automatically.

The RS 180 can be easily set up to let you enjoy your sound quickly. You may also adjust the volume in each speaker independently. If you find that the volume coming from the left speaker is lacking, just adjust it to match the output delivered by the right speaker. It is important to note that while the unit is capable of providing great music quality, it is not meant for use in recording or monitoring. The product is made for listening and as far as the function is concerned, you are guaranteed to get the sound experience that you are looking for and all this make them to be part of our list with the best head phones 2013 that you might like.

One more on the top spot is the Sony MDR-DS600. No more fussing with annoying wires indeed, as this unit can give you the optimum stereo quality sound even if you are a hundred feet away from your source. Incredible isn’t it? The unit is also capable of allowing you to use the frequencies so you can listen to your favorite radio channels. Apart from it, the MDR-DS600 can be easily paired with different audio sources. The unit is also capable of bringing 5.1 surround sound experience. Unlike other wireless headphones, the MRD-DS600 is not heavy on the base.

Other good things about this unit are the accessibility of controls – the volume control and the power switch are both located on the ear piece – and the long battery life. The unit can work for more than 10 hours which is enough for you to watch a handful of concerts. The unit features several audio channels – the sub-woofer, rear audio and front audio - which enable the headphones to give a pleasant sound texture. The package includes accessories that will let you connect the headphones to a variety of devices such as Mp3 players and computers.

The secret behind the sound quality is its capability to receive radio frequency and its neodymium magnets. Its power source is a nickel-metal hydride battery. To recharge the unit, just place the headphones on the transmitter base and it will automatically recharge through electromagnetic induction.

Headphones 2013
Headphones 2013

Last, but not the least on our list, is the LTB Q-Home-FX. This unit is also capable of bringing the 5.1 surround audio experience. With the earphones hugging your entire ear, noise is cancelled – pure sound is delivered right into your ears.

The speakers are divided into the sub woofer, central speaker, front speaker and rear speaker. This unit also uses radio frequency that you can adjust to avoid frequencies from other audio sources. The headphones can be easily connected to a variety of other devices such as PC, DVD, Playstation, and TV. The Q-Home-FX is perfect for home entertainment.

The power switch that is located in the headpiece is digital as well as its channel selection and volume control. Overall, the unit is light which makes it good for movie marathons. For sound enthusiasts, this unit can be paired to all Hi-Fi systems that provide the best aural performance. Definitely, this unit will give great value for your money.

In the past, many consumers are reluctant to get wireless headphones because of certain issues such as static noise, interference, poor sound quality, and the like. With the use of the latest and various technologies, these previous problems have been eliminated. You can now enjoy your favorite music the way you did with the classic corded units.

Apart from the improved sound quality, you also can enjoy a convenient way of listening to your desired music without any wires attached to your equipment. To ensure that you only get the best headphones, it is recommended to read more reviews. Choose according to your needs – that is how you will get the best head phones 2013.


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