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The Best Headphones Review : Klipsch IMAGE S4 Earphones Noise Isolating Enhanced Bass

Updated on August 25, 2012

Up for review, we have the Klipsch IMAGE S4 earphones. If you're looking to upgrade you're existing earphones or if you demand serious sound quality then read on. If you've not heard of Klipsch they are an American, high end audio maunfacturer, founded by Paul W Klipsch in the 1940's with its origins movie theatre speakers which paved the way for what we experience today at the movies. This company is becoming more and more popular because of their bespoke craftsmanship when it comes to audio entertainment. Paul W Klipsch thrived on creating a speaker that made him felt an orchistra was in his living room.

With music at our fingertips these days thanks to the iPod, the market for audio equipment has exploded. This market demands superior quality if you want to be at the front and this why the Klipsch IMAGE S4 earphones have been reviewed. If you want extreme sound quality and willing to pay the premium then look no further. With over a thounsand customer reviews Amazon, yes that's right, over a thousand paying customers, took the time to review these earphones, with many giving a 5 star rating and an overall Amazon star rating of 4, you can see what an impact these earphones make. So whether you want something for when you're running, down the gym, walking to work or catching the noisy train then look at the features of these earphones.


The Klipsch IMAGE S4's are an in-ear earbud style earphone, this means the unit has a flexible bud rather than your usual earphone that has a solid construction. This gives you flexibility and movement, (great for running) and addition to this is stustainability wearing the earphones due to the soft bud. This makes them great for workouts or long distance travelling where they would be in constant used over a long period of time. The bud provides a perfect seal around your ear canal aiding outside noise isolation and enhanced sound quality. The Image S4's comes with 3 different sized buds. Small Medium and Large.

The Cable is 1.3metres in length which is plenty, with gold plated jack to insure the best possible connection. The Cable howeve, is thin. This means they're are vulnerable in heavy hands. If these headphones are a gift then keep hold of the receipt as the 2 year warrenty ( 2years!!) might be needed. If however you take pride in your posessions this shouldn't be a problem.

Klipsch have used their expertise and knowledge from over 60 years ( how many of todays popular brands have a heritage going back that far ) to give you a noise isolation earphone a big task with such a small canvas. They have also ramped up the bass handling, meaning these earphones can handle a wide variety of music.

They also come with a hard tin carry case, giving you the security of taking them anywhere. If you're like me though it's too easy to leave your headphones plugged in and wrapped round ipod. Anyhoo, the carry case is a great addition.

The Sound

This is where Klipsch sets itself from the rest. These headphones can do everything you ask of them and then some. When I buy headphones or speakers I want clarity, I'm not interested in one area being dominant I want clear precise punchy sound, This is what the Image S4's delivery. Bass is usually the area small earphones fall, not these. The bass isn't over powering, the bass has depth rather than a drone. This is thanks to dual-microspeakers. The highs and mids come in clear and precise. This levels up the brilliant bass performance.

These speakers are often compared to and out perform other earphones in the $200 price range. This shows the performance and value for money of these earphones, Klipsch also living up to their reputation and making sure anything they produce is the best it can be.

So overall if you've got the money to buy a quality pair of headphones then the Klipsch IMAGE S4 will over deliver. Are there better earphones out there? Yes but you're going to have spend 3 times the amount to get anything worth the money in comparrison to the sound quality Klipsch already deliver in their sub $100 earphones. One thing to add if you're lucky enough to own a pair of these, is that will need some time to bed in, you'll need to do this by playing various music at normal operating volume at first and then cranking them up for a good few hours. Once this is done you will fully appreciate the performance these earphones.


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