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The Best In Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars

Updated on May 7, 2014

Rated & Reviewed The Best In Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars

When you want the best sound out of your smartphone or digital music player, you have many more choices than just what came "in the box." In ear or earbud headphones have an enduring popularity among many users because they are the most portable and allow themselves to be easily hid for subtle listening. Increasingly, however, sound quality for earbuds has also improved to where there is less or no compromise compared to over-the-ear style headphones. Many current in ear models include a variety of features and designs to increase convenience and enhance functionality. These features will often include in-line microphones for voice calls, ergonomic bud shaping to "seal" the ear to outside noise, and advanced driver technology for range and fidelity. The following four models have been selected both for the flexibility of their design and the strength of their performance.

JLab Diego In-Ear Earbud

The JLab Diegos offer a range of color options ranging from monochrome to a shocking teal-and-purple, with a color-matched dual color, tangle-free flat cable. This pair is definitely an individualist's choice, at a price point that allows you to purchase multiple sets to stash in a bag or a coat, so you're never without headphones.With a 10mm neodymium driver, these earbuds have a sonic range wide enough for most popular music or .mp3 quality recordings. The cushion tips come in a variety of sizes that should fit snugly to your ear canal.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

The biggest obvious difference between the Bose IE2 lie with their proprietary StayHear tips, which purport to offer the greater stability of ear hooks without a full-hook design. Some users consider a hook essential to holding the earbud in place during exercise and other activities. StayHear tips come in three sizes to accommodate ear size and canal variation.The IE2's also come with a protective carrying case large enough to carry themselves and a small music player like the iPod Nano. Performance is on par with their typically premium price point, thanks to the TriPort internal acoustic structure, another proprietary feature. Bose also includes a 1 year limited warranty for parts and labor.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Klipsch In Ear Enhanced Bass Noise Isolating Headphones IMAGE S4

Klipsch is a 60-year-old mid- to high-end audio brand with a reputation for fidelity, reliability and quality. Its S4 earbuds come either in a serious, professional-looking black to match many smartphones or a "pristine" white to match iPods or iPhones. Voted a "Most Popular" earbud by CNET, buyers have definitely voted with their wallets.A high-impedance 10-29,000 frequency response, patented single-coil drivers and uniquely oval-shaped bud tips make this a pair of earbuds equally at home with mp3's as with premium-quality HD music. Klipsch stands behind these with a 2 year limited warranty These Hedphones May Have Been Discontinued I Will Update When I Know More.

GOgroove audiOHM Ergonomic Earbuds

GOgroove engineered its audiOHM line with premium components and an eye toward making a strength out of competitor weaknesses. They include a 3-year warranty to assure you that you're receiving more for your money. Available in 4 classy, metallic-tinged colors, these earbuds punch above their weight.3 sizes of silicone gel tips ensure a comfortable tight fit that excludes ambient noise and stay put while walking or jogging. They're constructed using high grade alloys in the driver and a durable alloy-and-rubber cable reinforcement to prevent fraying and extend their durability.

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    • Lowsky profile image

      Lowsky 4 years ago

      Thanks.I am going to the store today to check them out.

    • nichellewebster profile image

      Nichelle Webster 4 years ago from Silicon Valley

      You forgot the etymotic noise canceling headphones. I love them!