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The Best LCD Televisions Available

Updated on June 29, 2013

Of the thousands of improvements in home entertainment, perhaps no other advancement since color television has been as great as the invention of high definition television. For years now, people have slowly been upgrading to the amazing views for their home viewing experience. Many in the A/V industry feel that the LCD television is one of the best, most crisp pictures available. These televisions are able to refresh there picture at a mindblowing pace, and can make the most explosive action movie come to life before your eyes.

If you are currently looking to upgrade or replace an HDTV, LCD has all you could ask for and more. Below, you will find compiled a sampling of some of the top rated LCD televisions on the market today.  Along with these HDTVs, you will find some basic information about what brands are the best, what you should expect to come on your LCD, and some informational video to help you decide which LCD is best for you.

Which Brand Has The Best LCD HDTV?

In the current TV market, many brands have an excellent product, but some are definitely better than the rest. Discerning which product is better can be a difficult task, however, due to minor misrepresentation at most electronics retailers. For instance, most brands have LCD's in larger sizes with either 60hz or 120hz processors. As anyone could conclude, the larger processors can handle a faster refresh rate and therefore can better show fast action video. The retailers, however, will place a poorly tuned LCD with a larger processor next to a well tuned one with a small processor. Other tricks of the trade are also employed to help them sell HDTV's with better profit margin.

Some of the best brands today include the Sony Bravia, Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. Vizio has also cornered a place on the market with lower prices, but also have surprisingly sharp pictures as well.

Must Have's On Your LCD Television

Today's televisions have many more options to choose from than what we had 20 or even 10 years ago. Gone are the days when all you had to decide was brand, size, and price. Back then, TVs only had one or two inputs on the back which were usually either RCA inputs or Coaxial Cable inputs. Today there will be at least five inputs which will range from USB, RCA, Coaxial, HDMA, computer monitor, or even ethernet. The back of the TV of today can be very intimidating for anyone who is not A/V inclined.

Some definite must have's would have to be multiple HDMI inputs, a USB input, a SD card input, and multiple RCA inputs. The HDMI inputs will allow you to get a high def feed from a blueray player, satelite/cable, and a high def gaming system. If you do not have these items, get multiple HDMI inputs anyway so that your TV will accomodate your needs for years to come. The USB will allow you to hook up to multiple different electronic outputs, and the SD card input will allow you to view pictures from your digital camera on your TV.

Also, if you are getting a TV over 32", you will definitely want to pay a little more and get one that has a 120 hz processor. You can save some money with the 60 hz models, but it is not worth it, and you will notice a difference in high def, fast action viewing. Also, get a model with a high refresh rate and contrast ratio, but don't get carried away. You do not have to have the highest refresh rate or contrast ratio, as long as the TV has a good crips picture.

Other good ammenities to have include picture in picture, multiple zoom, and more. There are always great new options offered on new models, but remember, not all of them are practical. Be sure to get all of what you need, and some of what you want.

What Size LCD HDTV Is Best For You

As sizes of the HDTV LCD models available are varied and now reach over the 80" mark, finding the right size for you can be somewhat tricky. You do not want to come home to a huge living room with a 20" television, yet you don't want the new LCD to overpower the room, causing you to get a sore neck from watching an action movie.

When looking at the HDTV's at the store be sure to take into mind the size of the wall the TV will be on, and how far away the seating is from the space you will place it. Stand that far back from the TV and imagine it on the wall. Lastly, ask the store if there is a time period in which you can bring the TV back to exchange it for another TV or another size LCD HDTV. You may also want to make a cardboard cutout of a similar size and hold it up on the wall your TV will be occupying. This should give you a good idea of the size you need!

How Does This LCD Info Rate?

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    • cheapstuff profile image


      6 years ago from California

      Great hub about LCD TVs including the suggestions you make on getting the 120hz and high refresh rate. For people who are trying to get the best LCD these are some tips that will help.


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