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The Best LG Cellphones & Products

Updated on October 27, 2009

In 2006, LG's company mobile phone division, LG Mobile, marketed the LG Chocolate phone, changing the company's range of the maker of thick 3G phones. It now focuses on the innovation and merchandising of phones such as the LG Shine, the LG Glimmer and LG Prada (KE850). As a result, the company was chosen as "The Design Team of the Year" by the Red Dot Design Award in 2006~2007 and is frequently called the "New Apple" in the industry and online communities.

The LG cellphones are one of the top manufactures in the mobile communication industry, in fact they are number three which is probably one of the reasons why their revenue is up around $68.8 billion dollars! The company was originally established in 1958 as GoldStar when they started distributing products such as radios, TVs, refrigerators,washing machines, and air conditioners. For those of you wondering what LG stands for its actually connected to their slogan which is "Life's Good" but it is also derived from "Lucky" which is what the household products were sold under and obviously Goldstar - LG.

The company now produces such products as Mobile communications, digital appliances, digital displays, and digital media. Some of the most popular items from LG are listed below in these categories:

LG Xpion -
Presenting the LG XPION X600 which is perfect for gaming as well as for creating HD content. The PC is powered by Intel Dual Core Pentium D945 3.4GHz processor and comes with 1GB of DDR2 Memory. It comes with the LG GBW-H10N Super Multi Blue drive so you can connect your digital camcorder and write those high-def memories on a Blu-Ray disc. Gamers wont be disappointed either as it comes with GeForce 7900GT graphics card with 256MB memory.

Before you get bright ideas of downloading movies and starting your private Blu-Ray library the XPION X600 is equipped with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), a form of digital rights management (DRM) developed by Intel. The only disappointing feature is the 320GB hard drive we were looking for at least 750 GB or 1 TB. Other than this it has a 14 in 1 card reader for viewing your still memories.

LG Rumor -
The LG Rumor/LG Scoop is a phone that was released by Sprint Nextel in September 2007 [4]. This phone features a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the right side. 5-way navigation keys are located on the main panel of the phone, but not present on the keyboard. A 176x220 pixel screen rotates as the keyboard is open, but has no contrast controls. The 1.3 megapixel camera lacks an LED flash and a self-portrait mirror but does have negative, sepia, black & white tones, borders and an image enhancer to customize a picture.

Basic MP3 playing functions are embedded in this phone, with the capability of expanding music storage via MicroSD card (125 to 1,000 music files depending on file size, encoding method, and card capacity). The music player will not launch unless a card is inserted in the phone, and will not accept a card with the capacity over 4 GB.

LG enV2 (VX9100) -
The styling of this phone has been updated from the previous versions. It's slimmer (40% slimmer than original enV), lighter (30% lighter than original enV), and more pocketable than the previous versions. Its styling is made more comfortable and easier to handle and text, its shaped like a rectangle (almost like a fancy calculator) with both front and back of phone being a flat surface (unlike the original enV).

The back of the phone is made of a black soft surface making it more comfortable to handle. Its styling follows that of the LG Voyager (VX10000), which is the other successor to the LG enV (VX9900) and the LG The V (VX9800) phones. The Env2 was released in Canada in August, 2008 as the LG Keybo from Telus. The enV2 is a popular phone for social teens and people who require a full qwerty keyboard for texting purposes.

LG Voyager (VX10000) -
The LG VX10000, also known as the Verizon Voyager or LG VX10K, is an Internet-enabled multimedia mobile phone designed by LG Electronics and exclusively marketed by Verizon Wireless. The external screen is touch enabled with a virtual keyboard and buttons. It features an internal screen for use with the included full QWERTY keyboard. Both screens of the Voyager have WQVGA resolution.

The Voyager's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player, in addition to text messaging, and Internet services including e-mail and web browsing. It is a dual-band mobile phone that uses the CDMA standard. It supports the EVDO data technology.

Of course if you absolutely had to compare the LG Company or cellphone to another company that is better, I would absolutely have to pick the Nokia N96, HTC Touch Diamond, and the Motorola MOTOKRZR K1 . So lets take a look at these as well since I have you here!

Nokia N96 -
N95 8GB Smartphone works with AT&T and T Mobile service only. The N95 Smartphone has 16GB Internal flash memory, a microSD memory card slot (hot swappable), a digital music player, 5MP camera and downloadable maps.

HTC Touch Diamond -
Re-defining the perception of advanced mobile phones, the HTC Touch Diamond signals a giant leap forward in combining hi-tech prowess with intuitive usability and exhilarating design. Featuring a sharp 2.8-inch touch screen housed within a stunning formation of brushed metal and flawless faceted edges, the HTC Touch Diamond is as beautiful to behold as it is to use.

With HTC's vibrant touch-responsive user interface, TouchFLO 3D, and ultra-fast HSDPA internet connectivity, the HTC Touch Diamond offers a rich online experience to rival a notebook computer, allowing you to interact with Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia as freely as you would with a broadband connection.

Motorola MOTOKRZR K1 -
This quad-band phone is only 16mm deep and the cool exterior will definitely turn heads in a crowd. There are two displays on this phone. The first display is an external screen that shows the time and notifies you of incoming text messages and calls. The main display is where you primarily interact with the phone.


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