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The Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

Updated on November 30, 2013

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 cases to help protect your phone and make it look good in the process. Let us help you find a Galaxy S2 case to suit your style, and your lifestyle!

Choosing the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Case

So you have a beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone. It's sleek shining surface, graceful; curves and clear, bright screen. But even as you look on this glorious handset, you suddenly realise how this beautiful device is also delicate, easily scratched, cracked, or smashed.

The good news is that for a ludicrously small investment you can protect your cell phone with some of the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 cases which we have listed here. Whether you want smart leather, good looking patterns, or something durable, we will have the best Galaxy S2 case for you!

Choosing the best cell phone case is mostly about style, so you do want to choose a cover that suits you. If you live a rough and tumble lifestyle however, you will probably want to take durability in to account too!

Smasung Galaxy S2 Information

Different Cell Phone providers are selling slightly different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Make sure you buy a case that will fit your version of the phone!

If you live in the UK, check out our UK Store!

Samsung Galaxy S2 Black Leather Cover
Samsung Galaxy S2 Black Leather Cover

Samsung Galaxy S2 Black Leather Flip Case

This fantastic black leather flip case with a cream interior is designed solely for the Samsung Galaxy S2. I particularly like this Samsung Galaxy S2 cover because it really does do a great job of combining simplicity with elegance.

The sleek out dark leather which folds out to expose the luxurious white leather interior looks amazing. But the great thing about it is that the flip out style helps stop it from feeling 'pretentious'.

What I love about this Samsung Galaxy S2 leather cover is how it keeps things simple, but doesn't skimp on quality!

Brown Leather Samsung Galaxy S2 Case
Brown Leather Samsung Galaxy S2 Case

Brown Tanned Leather Samsung Galaxy S2 Case

This simple yet stylish flip case is very similar to the black leather flip case, however the leather is even nicer, even more professional, and perfect for a business man looking to keep their phone safe, but show off a little at the same time!

This high quality brown leather is the executive look that can turn your phone in to a lot more than just a communications device. It makes it look suave, powerful, and rich.

On top of the looks is is also very hardwearing, and it's thick leather will protect your phone from scratches, and help dampen bows if it is dropped!

Samsung Galaxy S2 SIlicone Case
Samsung Galaxy S2 SIlicone Case

Silicone Galaxy S2 Case

A silicone case for your Galaxy 2S is a great way to provide a little extra protection against bumps, knocks and scratches, without making your slimline phone unnecessarily bulky.

While silicone is not as strong, durable or as protective as a leather or hard plastic case, it is the thinnest Galaxy S2 accessory. The silicone construction is especially good at absorbing knocks, but it is limited by it's thinness!

If you always carry your phone in your trouser pocket then a silicone Galaxy S2 case is often the best solution, since it does not make the phone appear too bulky.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plastic Cases
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plastic Cases

Plastic Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

If you have a more rugged lifestyle, then a silicone case is probably not enough to protect your Galaxy S2. In this case what you really want is a plastic Galaxy S2 case, which will not only be more sturdy, but will also often have a much wider range of designs and patterns.

Hard cases are much more effective at preventing damage from the hardest of knocks and drops than any other case, but their downside is that they become scratched and cracked much more easily, so will need to be replaced occasionally.

Samsung Galaxy S2 carbon fiber case
Samsung Galaxy S2 carbon fiber case

Samsung Galaxy S2 Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber is renowned for being very lightweight but unbelievably strong. While carbon fiber does have a fairly uniform look, it looks good, and it is much more durable than hard plastic cases.

A Carbon fiber case is a great choice for most cell phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S2. It is hard wearing, tech savvy and fantastic for protecting your phone!

The lightweight yet durable properties of a Carbon Fiber Galaxy S2 case make it ideal for people who work on the move.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Case

I had actually never seen one of these Samsung Galaxy S2 cases until hubber Amazonrus pointed it out to me. The otterbox case is an ingenious design that combines the benefits of rubber/silicone cases with harder plastic cases.

An otterbox case usually has two major parts. An inner rubber shock absorber that helps prevent damage from knocks and falls, and a harder plastic second piece that protects against serious impacts.

This dual functionality makes an otterbox Galaxy S2 case a fantastic way to protect your cell phone from unintentional damage!

The biggest downside of Otterbox cases is that they do seem to be a little bulky, although not excessively so. If you are looking to keep your Galaxy S2 slim-line, then you may want to stick with a thinner case though.


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Will take a look and see how they fare, thanks for the heads up :)

    • amazonrus profile image

      amazonrus 6 years ago from Earth

      im quite surprised u didn't include otterbox cases. Those are the best..