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The Best Tablet for Under $100 is iRulu eXpro

Updated on November 26, 2015

iRulu x11 Rules

One of basic things you need to know about buying a tablet for less than $100 is that it must have at least 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. Anything that does not have at least these minimum requirements will be junk. The CPU should also be a Quad core A33 with a 5.0 Android OS.

That said, this is what the iRulu x11 tablet has. The company is US based but the tablet is made in China. Unlike other products made in China, iRulu seems to have got some quality. The tablet is solid with a 10" screen. Made of plastic, there is some sense of quality to it, even the box it came in was a sturdy one. The instructions were the minimum in too many languages with very little information (just use intuition). But the presentation is slick. One just has to experiment! Low cost tablets must cut all the corners they can, for instance, the camera on the tablet is barely OK. I would not say bad, as it does work fine but the quality suffers. If the camera is not that important, the rest of the performance of the tablet is decent.

Boot time to the desktop is around two minutes.From there, swiping to various screens, downloading apps, streaming video from Netflix or Showtime is smooth with no interruptions. Keep in mind, connection issues may not be due to the tablet but your ISP you stream with. I watched a few shows , streaming, clarity and resolution was fine considering it IS under $100! The shows were not blurry and of good quality. The downside is the lacking sound, even when cranked up, it was not loud and sooooo tinny. It sounded WAY better using earplugs, for sure. That is the recommended way to stream and listen to anything using this tablet.

Out of the box, I had little problem with connecting my WiFi, downloading apps and activating them. The games worked fine with only minor stuttering at times, but most of the time, it was like on my laptop- smooth. The sound issue is the problem, just too tinny sounding. Swiping was usually smooth and fast between screens with little delay that was bothersome. Downloading apps, depending on size, did require a few minutes each time, but overall, not an issue. They installed and worked.

I even tested how effective the WiFi was by walking out 75 -100 ft. from the router. Even at that range, the signal still was working. I have experienced some intermittent signal loss, but I am not sure if this is a tablet problem or some other reason, like using VPN. Setting my email and other accounts was easy and with very little problems. Using FB, Word, Twitter, Messenger all worked nicely. There is very little wait when switching between apps. All of this is good news. The hardware combination is the best that can be offered at this low end for a tablet. As I said, the quality is impressive with the tablet's solid feel and good overall performance. The worst aspects are minor- the cameras (front and back) and sound quality.

I was expecting something that I would simply not use much or give away. I mean, it was $70! As it is, I will use it on my trip, which is much lighter than my laptop and I don't really need a keyboard. Mainly, I will use it to stream movies or games on a bigger screen. I was hoping that maybe I might not have to take my iphone, but, that is simply too good to be true- no way!

So, yeah, for $70, you can have a decent performing tablet for streaming, games, Facebook, Twitter and most other applications. Amazing!


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