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The Best Website For Downloading Anything

Updated on January 11, 2011

Humans are strange creatures. We like to share information to benefit other people only if it has benefited us or if we want to see what others do with this information.

And so I thought I'd help out the wonderful community of Hubpages and share knowledge of one of the best sites, in my opinion anyway, which you can download almost anything from.

The name of the website is The Underground Forum. Yes, it is a forum that contains movies, cracks, music, games.. you name it! The only thing which you must do before you use the site is register. Registration is free and simple, and it allows you access to everything on site.

Using the search button, you can search the site with keywords of whatever you are looking for. Another thing is you must wait 15 seconds between searches. It's not that long but if you are in a hurry, it sure takes forever to pass!

While this site is updated constantly, it cannot function on its own and needs help from the community. So feel free to upload stuff to the server (just check the forums on how to do that) and keep the information flowing.

Want to visit the site? Click here.


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