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Franklin Covey Planner System-Like and Scrabble-Like App for the iPad

Updated on August 12, 2012

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Update: These are my first 2 apps. I'll try to add at least an app (I hope more) to this hub everyday. (An app a day keeps the doctor away!)

Okay, okay, this is my first hub. Today, I will be writing about my favoritest (oops, thats wrong speeling-get it)? Anyway, I'll be talking about my most favorite apps besides those default apps like Calendar, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps, Messages, Newsstand, Notes, Photo Booth, Reminders, Settings, Safari, Mail, Photos, Music, App Store, Game Center, Videos, and YouTube.

I just want you to know that the first version of this hub will be quite disorganized. I am hoping to edit this hub in the future. In the future, I will also be adding videos of my reviews of each of these apps, so stay tuned (I hope so).

Another note - I would be following a specific order for my favorite apps, from left to right, top to bottom on my iPad's home screen.

App #1: Opus Domini

Lite version - Free; Pro version $5.99

This app was recommended to me by Ptra. MeAnn from COP Manila.

Opus Domini is a great planning app. It is very similar to the Franklin Covey planning system, which I used before for about a month. The app is organized into 5 different sections: Daily Tasks, Master Tasks, Compass, Goals, and Mission, Vision, and Values.

The daily tasks section contains a prioritized daily task lists, all your events from the Calendar app, weather information, a quotation, and a space for notes. Try to compare it with Franklin Planner.

The free app is limited to 5 daily tasks/day and 3 master tasks at a time. It has only 2 sections: Daily Tasks and Master Tasks.

App #2: Words with Friends

With advertisements - Free; Without advertisements - $2.99

My grandparents (Lolo Regal and Lola Feliza) love playing this game on my iPad and on my laptop. I use their Facebook accounts so that their move will be sent to each other. They enjoy it because, well it's like Scrabble.

Like Scrabble, Words with Friends does not accept words like proper nouns (words always capitalized), abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing alone or words requiring a hyphen or an apostrophe.

But it's not a 100% Scrabble clone (if it was, it would not exist by now).

The Differences

The Position of the Premium Word Squares

If you haven't played Scrabble before, this is the Scrabble game board design. Words with Friends' board is slightly different. The Triple Word Score is not in the four corners + the left and right column of the center row of the board.

The Dictionary

Most Scrabble players use the Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary. This app uses the ENABLE word list, a public domain list used for word games.

Free or Paid?

Sorry, but I think $2.99 is not worth it (except if you really, really, really, really, really hate ads)

Old School Scrabble Games

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    • ChechuDigital profile image

      Chechu Siscar 5 years ago from Lipa, Philippines

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I would surely add more of my personal favorite apps to this hub. Hope to hear from you again soon.

    • cheapstuff profile image

      cheapstuff 5 years ago from California

      Sometimes they offer the paid version of Words with Friends for less than $2.99. It may be worth it then.

      Great hub, some good apps but Words is my personal favorite of your personal favorites.