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The Birth of the Web: Twenty Years Ago

Updated on March 19, 2009

 It's hard to believe.1989. That is the year the WWW or the Web first began. All started by a 29 yr old programmer ticked off about a lack of research retrieval ability began to add "hypertext" links to the Cern network and embedded software in documents that would "point" to other documents. That is what Tim Lee did and he is known as the "Father of the web". At the time, Tim worked at Cern in the suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. Tim was concerned that after more than two years time, valuable info and data might be lost and proposed the hypertext links we all now take for granted. To save time in finding and lost info which would be buried somewhere, his solution of hypertext was tested. It worked fine and he began inserting the hypertext in all documents. It was Lee that was the first person to create and post a website in 1991. Whenever he tried to explain about what it was, what it can do, the listeners simply responded with a blank stare, huh?

Tim was not the only pioneer. Len Kleinrock, now a professor at UCLA, is known for the man who created the theory of packet switching. This is what drives the Internet. This was created by him in the early 1960's.  

The first web browser appeared in January,1993. In that year, there were only 200 websites!


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